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The search function isn't great, but I think it's just rebranded DuckDuckGo, so it doesn't track you.

I use Brave because it's less memory-intensive than Chrome (right now I am at 2k mb with multiple video tabs, Spotify, Discord and 30-40 other tabs open). With Chrome I have seen it go to 100k mb. I literally cannot deal with DuckDuckGo or Brave's search engine, it's just too terrible. I just changed the default search engine in the settings back to Google and now it's basically indistinguishable from Chrome.
And even with Google's searching skills also becoming much worse than it was a few years ago, it's still pretty good compared to others unfortunately. Bing works well compared to Google, but with its track system literally gifting you points for where you've been, it's more than obviously it's still making money off of its users
I love that I can watch Youtube AD free with it, without addons or such and associated issues. Out of the box, AD free internet.
I've been using Firefox with an Adblocker to get rid of the annoying Youtube adds but about 6 weeks ago, Youtube started cracking down on Adblockers and refused to play anymore videos if it could sense an activated Adblocker.

If Brave works without that, that's cool. I wonder whether Youtube will refuse to play videos that are viewed via brave tho. I googled it at the time this Adblocker thing started happening and it was confirmed that Youtube is really trying to crack down on this issue now...
Yer, I watched that shit storm happen with Youtube. Yes, Brave does not use an extension to block ads, it just does it in its core, and Youtube ads are blocked without restriction. Well, for me they are. Ad free Youtube without their stupid monthly subscription is awesome when on the computer.

There are differences in how ad blocking happens. The problem is that both Firefox and Microsoft have both gone to Google, thus partnership, so both will align with Googles crack down on ad blockers. Brave, has no affiliation or partnership with Google. This is why this guy did his own thing, because corporate greed took over Firefox and he never designed it for that. He learnt his lessons and is now doing what he envisioned Firefox to be, without the corporate alignment and bias through partnerships. Brian Bondy, to my knowledge, hated what Mozilla became. Having Eich on his side due to his issues from Mozilla, they seem to have partnered and made Brave truly the ultimate browser for today.

Its how I ended up finding Brave myself. I've installed it on my computers and phone, and is now my default browser on all my devices.
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I installed it earlier today and switched all my youtube tabs/ channels onto it and it plays them perfectly and ad-free.

Thanks for the tip! : )

Apart from the Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog lighter ad which is daft and cute, I've haaaated being subjected to the ads these past weeks. All ads are annoying, but Youtube Ads are a particularly annoying type of annoying.

ETA: Oh and it uses up way less of my CPU and RAM capacity than Firefox and other browsers. No matter how I used tab suspender extensions etc to get their levels to go lower, whatever browser I was using was chewing through a big percentage of both. Brave is being a very neat little package, not hogging CPU or RAM at all. Nice : )
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Hmmm... Brave Browser, possibly the best I've ever used for privacy. Call me impressed.
My kid switched from Brave to Epic, relatively recently…
…although my veeeeery cursory understanding is that they’re essentially 6 of 1, half a dozen of another? That Epic is more “we won’t do business in countries whose laws say we have to CC the govt any/all of our user data”, whilst Brave is more “f*ck corporations attempting to get any/all of our user data”?

Similarly, that since they both use Google source code / chromium, don’t log into gmail &/or use Google search, as Google’ new privacy policy allows it to aggregate your personal data across all of its services IE logging into gmail negates the privacy & antitracking services both browsers provide, as logging in is granting Google permission to track your web & search history.

Me? I’m paranoid enough I WANT my footprint (fingerprint? I’m such a Luddite) -or at least some versions of it- out there, because it’s easier to disappear when someone is looking in the wrong place based off of old patterns. Not. That. That’s. Actually. Useful. In. My. Life. >.<

LeSigh. It’s not called para-rational, much less usefullia, for a reason, I expect.
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