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Managing PTSD Triggers in Training Sessions & Dealing With Insensitive Supervisors


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hello sorry this a bit of a rant and i was wondering if anyone else has the same problem.

My management dont understand. I’m in a training day using resuscitation doll, which trigered my ptsd, i went to the guy running the course. He said i could dit it out five mins. Was told my manager wanted to see me; she asked why I wasn't participating. I told her it was a major trigger. I was told get back in there.

any advive would be well recived sorry for the rant
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What coping skills do you usually use for triggers or panic?

Taking a short walk to ground and get the physiology back to normal can be very helpful.
i have various ways of coping i work in an operating theatre so i cant leave noise crowds and i recently saw so one who looked like a guy i found in a previous job that was it i was crying angry guilt ridden i use breathing and visulisation normally
It’s usually okay to take 5 during a training session, particularly a trainer session of that nature. Calmly asking for a 5 minute break is actually a pretty normal thing to do.

Working with panic attacks in an OR is a different matter entirely, and definitely something I’d personally want to be throwing some training at to hold down the job!
I worked a job for several years that meant we had zero say in who our superiors & subordinates were, working conditions, hours, none of it. You couldn’t quit, transfer, or even call in sick (although you could go to work sick, and then be sent home). Whomever you were working with, and whatever conditions were present, you were stuck with.

Which means that I CAN work with virtually anyone under virtually any circumstance (including daily gang-rape, yay).

But it ALSO means that, since I now have a choice about who/where/when/how I work? I almost always leave someplace I don’t like, for someplace I do.

So if I want to work with great/amazing people? I don’t stick it out with shitty people.