My relationship with my parents has improved


My relationship with my parents has improved over the years.I put them through hell starting at age 13 and regret it.I found the bad people to hang around that they hated seeing them with a bad influence on me.Saw I did not care at all too.They were not too happy with me when I was caught drinking at age 14 and 15.Worst call was from the police.I rode in a car and the guy driving was drunk rolling over in a ditch.He was killed including the front passenger and the left rear passenger and I was the only survivor with a couple broken ribs.The day after,seen this gave me the wake up call I needed.Were proud of me ditching the wrong crowd.Then came when I was diagnosed with PTSD.Tough part was when I came out as transgender to them.I was nervous and glad they accepted it becoming supportive.Me,I was glad they got me help for the PTSD and anxiety issues I had..After being diagnosed with gender dysphoria,They knew to let go of the unhappy son with a past being replaced with a daughter with much better and happier life.They did in the 5th month of my transition.Dad was emotional seeing my male wardrobe go not coming back.Mom,she had tears of joy for me.Took me to the salon she goes to have my hair and nails done.Both did support me not to have the GRS when I was 18 and still do.Watched me graduate from high school 27 years ago and and become a semi truck mechanic.Includes watch me get married to my husband Ken which my dad walked me down the aisle
i never did manage to improve my relationships with my parents nor 9 out of my 10 siblings, but i seem to have noticed that my relationships in general have improved in direct proportions to improvements in my relationship with myself.

i'm not sure my dad ever discovered that i got married and had children in 1980. my mother knew, but didn't show for any of the events. color me envious that your dad walked you down the aisle.