My spine surgery journey: from preparation to recovery

Thanks for the update @bellbird - that's just the best news and am so pleased that you are free at last.
Thanks b :hug:
Does your bf understand the journey you've been on to get to this point?
He does. He's very supportive.
Whenever we go out for dinner, he'll make sure I have a chair with a back support or something to lean back against so that I'll be comfortable.
When I had weight restrictions on what I could lift, he'd help me carry things (and even now, because when you haven't lifted very much for over a year, your surgeon might say "yep" but your muscles say "nope!")

He knows about my abuser not allowing me to have the surgery for years, my overcoming of my ED in order to be medically fit for surgery, the complications I faced in hospital, and my recovery road post-op. Yeah, all of it basically :)

So it meant a lot getting to introduce him to my surgeon; two men who I admire.
Filled me with a lot of ...[not exactly sure what the emotion is] pride? A sense of fulfillment, perhaps.
Just read your fusion journey, bellbird. You are one strong person and I say that because I know what you went through. I, too, am one year out from having 2/3's of my back fused for spinal stenosis and secondary scoliosis. It is a tough thing to go through but so worth it. Having the majority of the pain gone is wonderful! And to know that you are up and running is awesome! I am a grandma, so that is not an option for me. Walking is my running.? Kudos to you! You won a huge battle and deserve a large gold star and trophy!!! ??
Thank you for reading my spinal fusion journey, @Still Standing . I always remember how supportive you were when I started my trauma diary in inpatient, so it was really nice to see your name pop up here, too. Thank you for your kind words.

I hope your appointment with the neurosurgeon went well, @DharmaGirl . Chronic pain is awful. I hope the fusion will help you too.
It's a great idea to get as healthy as possible before the procedure. Improving your cardio fitness and lung capacity will help a lot with the recovery too.
I've started learning latin and ballroom dancing. I actually took a couple of lessons back in March before our first lockdown, but have restarted now. My surgeon and doctor are both happy for me to do so.

I've told my dance teacher that I have a spinal fusion and she is helping me to learn how to move (within my limits), so that I'm not just a stick stepping from side to side.
Of course, I don't have the same lumbar flexibility as most people; my T11-L3 vertebrae are fused into one long vertebra now, but I do still have L4 unfused (which was a very intentional move by my surgeon as that allows me to have flexibility at my hips (I can touch my toes with palms flat on the floor for instance) and also reduces my chances of developing arthritis to about the same as someone who hasn't had a spinal fusion).

My dance teacher is so lovely about it, and checks with me before each new dance "is this okay for your back?" "do let me know if this is too much."
She's also given me a nickname, it seems: "Tuts" (rhymes with puts). I like it 😁

Last night we learnt the jive and the rumba.
Such great fun.
I couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
Yay, you, bellbird! Enjoy your freedom from a painful back. The stronger you make your torso, the better your posture will be, and the less stress you will put on other discs. How wonderful to hear how well you have recovered. And to think you are dancing...too cool!👋👋👋
Tomorrow is exactly two years since my surgery. (!!)
I'm feeling quite nostalgic today, looking at photos of what I was doing two years ago today, and came here to read some of the posts in this thread from that time, too.

Honestly to re-read all of the support I was given here has brought tears to my eyes.
I'm incredibly grateful for the kindness, encouragement and support that I was given here, and also so grateful to have this diary as a way to look back on that time.

Having the spinal fusion is one of the best things that I ever did for myself.
It didn't for a while after surgery, but my back really feels like my back, now.
It is such a gift to live pain-free, and without the lurking knowledge that my curvature was just going to keep getting worse and worse.

Tomorrow I plan to celebrate with 24 full pushups; one for every month I have been post-op.
I managed 2 sets of 10, two days ago, so I think this will be a challenge, but 2 sets of 12, or 3 sets of 8, depending how I feel, should be doable. ☺️