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My spine surgery journey: from preparation to recovery

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Thanks for the update @bellbird - that's just the best news and am so pleased that you are free at last.
Thanks b :hug:
Does your bf understand the journey you've been on to get to this point?
He does. He's very supportive.
Whenever we go out for dinner, he'll make sure I have a chair with a back support or something to lean back against so that I'll be comfortable.
When I had weight restrictions on what I could lift, he'd help me carry things (and even now, because when you haven't lifted very much for over a year, your surgeon might say "yep" but your muscles say "nope!")

He knows about my abuser not allowing me to have the surgery for years, my overcoming of my ED in order to be medically fit for surgery, the complications I faced in hospital, and my recovery road post-op. Yeah, all of it basically :)

So it meant a lot getting to introduce him to my surgeon; two men who I admire.
Filled me with a lot of ...[not exactly sure what the emotion is] pride? A sense of fulfillment, perhaps.
Just read your fusion journey, bellbird. You are one strong person and I say that because I know what you went through. I, too, am one year out from having 2/3's of my back fused for spinal stenosis and secondary scoliosis. It is a tough thing to go through but so worth it. Having the majority of the pain gone is wonderful! And to know that you are up and running is awesome! I am a grandma, so that is not an option for me. Walking is my running.👍 Kudos to you! You won a huge battle and deserve a large gold star and trophy!!! 🌟🏆
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