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Non Triggering TV/Movies

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Don’t exist.
LeSigh. Case in point?

I just heard birdsong on a show I haven’t heard in 20 years… and lost 3 and a half hours staring at nothing.


….That said? Knowing your own trends in film/TV >>> what makes you FEEL (think act) in certain ways? Is pretty durn useful.

Certain things I KNOW set me off, others I KNOW I deliberately poke myself with, like poking a sore tooth with my tongue; I KNOW it’s gonna hurt, but I still do it. To no benefit whatsoever. Just cussed stubbornness.

It’s giving myself permission to nope out of things I know in adv. are a bad idea, or to exit stage left when I’m surprised.. that keep me an avid reveller in stories. Whether they’re on stage, at a drive in, or curled up with my tablet in bed. 😉 You’ll note movie theatres aren’t on that list. If I’m going somewhere to watch a film? Give me 6 walls of steel, grass to run around in, frisbees to throw, and windows to stick my feet out of. Plus I park on the edges. Because hot daaaayum, can I enjoy a flick that way, that I suffer through in a stuffy box with 2 exits. And either the whole of everyone behind me in the first row, or with the teenagers getting head in the back row (both for a fast exit, neither particularly fun).

Triggers? Happen. It’s what we do next that matters. Even then though, sometimes we lose a few hours to “oops”. That’s okay. It happens. No big deal. Carry on & as we were.
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I need to be better about watching the trailers to things. Right now, symptoms in full swing I’m struggling with anything with a therapist in it.

I don’t know how I keep doing this but every time I agree to a movie without real knowledge of it, somehow its theme is suicide. Not exactly helpful.

I watched Dog Gone on Netflix but in my world everything is triggering, some things are enjoyed despite the trigger. I enjoyed this movie a lot. I’ve also been enjoying Rosewood on Hulu.
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