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One Step Forward, How Many Steps Back? -Sleep Troubles

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I will almost fall asleep and then jolt awake just before drifting off as a sort of protection from the nightmares/ dark mental states I am afraid of falling into. If I had more time to process it all then I think I'd let it happen but my new job has me working crazy hours with a 5am wakeup and I just can't afford to collapse into my feelings.
Sleep is the most insane part of PTSD. Good...good ...good....not good (and no reason why)

All I have learned is - the one thing that's hardest to do is the one thing you need to do.....don't worry about sleep. It's hard to do but its on top of the list. The more you ruminates on not sleeping and nightmares the more sleep doesn't happen and nightmares do.

Go here and read the PTSD Cup article. Fill your head with grounding and other things. It may not always work but it sure helps......
I had this horribly for years. I learned to build a 'safe place' before going to sleep every night. Anything that would help me feel safe. It was imaginary of course, and would change every day - depending on what had happened that day or what was coming up in my very small world, but it set me on the right path.

Sometimes it would be in a very dark cave in a teeny tiny space. I would float above the cold rock with a very comfie pillow. Other times it would be an island where nobody could get to me unless invited. Other times I would imagine walking with my dog on an island in the sun. The sky was the limit. It took practice, but I sleep every night now with no problems.

Hoping you are able to get some good strategies to get some peace.
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