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Our dogs

This is my pup, Cookie. The first picture she is about 2 months old, the second is 7 months. I have to get a new picture of her since she is so much bigger now.


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Oh @Mee, how adorable is that?
I’m really lucky aren’t I? Our animals get on so well and are quite easy to spend time with . The kitten was neutered this week and instead of putting a collar on him the other dog helped us by whining if he licked his wound so we could distract him♥️. And our ram with the cats 🤩…. He recognised the baby was scared so he stood really still and waited gently until the kitten was brave enough to approach him and he gently and slowly touched noses with him and let the kitten check him out while he didn’t move until the kitten was confident. We have some super special animals here.