panic in class

Does breathing slowly in and out help?

Or holding something - a little stone or something tactile?

Focusing on something soothing? A tree outside the window?

Remembering that the feeling will pass and that you are safe. Usually saying that out loud helps me but as you're in class that might not be possible. Writing it down?
i'm literally panicking in the middle of english class, what do yall do to ground in this situation
I left the room, & smoked a cig / drank a coke, & shook myself out. Returned to class, or got notes off of a classmate.

Suma cum laude.

IE university. K12? Get to fawking uni. Where you choose your own classes, and schedule, and come/go as you please… instead of by permission.
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Look around the room and start finding things in the order of the color spectrum. Then I move on to words in alphabetical order. Then numbers in numerical order. Then shapes in some order. Repeat if necessary. Important to move the head and look around the room.

Or I zone out by drawing mandalas and making them as detailed as possible.

If I were required to ask to leave the room (like in public high school) I would ask to leave because I wasn’t feeling well, no teacher wants a kid to throw up in their class room or spread COVID.
I’d take a walk and come back. If you’re in a class needing permission I agree with @Rose White grab your stomach and say you aren’t feeling well. If your in k-12 talk to your parents about getting a 504 in place so you’re allowed to take a break so teachers have to stick to it.
Set hands flat on desk. Close eyes. Think about a comment made in the last class you wanted to expand on or something you might draw attention to in the current class. Inhale to a count of 3, exhale to a count of 3. Repeat as needed.