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Tornadic Thoughts

Those flowers are gorgeous, @Chiqui ! That's a groovy looking one you shared, too, @Freddyt ! What are they, if you don't mind me asking? Love me some flowers. Most especially of the wild variety.

I was out gathering more wild violets yesterday for our afternoon salad. I call the edibles that freely grow in our yarden our "grateful groceries". lol 🙂 The whole process of finding/recognizing/learning the certainties and safety of them, mindfully and sustainably harvesting them while listening to the birds and the bees and hugging a few trees, feeling the sun (and/or the raindrops), then being nourished by them with each bite of the meal they're added to is incredibly meditative and therapeutic. I LOVE this time of year. 🥰


Even on the cloudiest of spring days, this dogwood, while in bloom, makes it look like the sun is shining on it. One of my favorites for sure. Also, one of my favorite flower essences - it was the first one I made when I was being taught.


A good night for a purposeful brush fire. Feeling the warmth, hearing the pops and cracks, making a list of things that would be beneficial to my well-being to let go of - then tossing it into the fire, and practicing patience and breathing exercises while waiting for it to burn out.