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Tornadic Thoughts

It's been salsa making/canning time up in here, although you can't see the tomatoes and onions buried under the bell peppers, jalapenos, and garlic...


Next is gonna be pepper relish. Here's the main ingredients, thus far. Still have to harvest more in the morning...


Tornadic Thoughts

Finished products of the salsa variety (waiting for the pepper relish fairy to show up - if he/she isn't here by tomorrow, will go ahead and make it our damn


Partly yellow grasshopper on a yellow dock leaf (love using the roots for tea)...


More of nature's free groceries - autumn olives (Russian olives) - invasive, hard as heck to get rid of - but incredibly tasty and full of nutrients, especially a significant amount of the antioxidant called lycopene that you can also find in tomatoes - the deer, etc. love them, and so do I:


Enjoyed a perfectly gorgeous day with totally clear blue skies, right up until the sunset hour, and here come the trails from the planes all headed towards the sun from the same direction at damn near the same time, and the spreading out of the trails that turn into "clouds" - yuck:


Those lines expand and do all kinds of nasty tricks. Good ol' solar radiation management - side effects "not yet known" - yeah, not so easy to trust alphabet agencies on that note, from more direct experiences that I ever wished to experience:


My plump little toad buddy that came to check out the full moon with me tonight - which is also being steadily covered with an endless supply of the sky exhaust lines...lots of X marks the spots happening, making weird colored moon bows and such, and my camera sucks at taking night pics - oh well - just go outside and look up more often, you're bound to see it at some point:


Tornadic Thoughts

Those are poke berries on a poke weed plant (Phytolacca decandra), @whiteraven . We have them all over the place around Virginia, too. I've never used them for anything but know some folks who eat the greens when they first start growing and use the berries as a dye, but they don't eat the berries. I've read it's toxic to livestock and humans, so I don't fool with, I just admire it's beauty.

Yesterday was lots of rain and high winds. But that didn't keep the (not so) little hummer away. He's resting on the cherry tomato cage:


I happened upon this scene on a limb next to the mountain stream last year not knowing what the hell I'd stumbled upon. After digging a little deeper, I learned it's wooly aphids being farmed by ants. Today, I discovered they're back again this year. Fascinating...


Apparently the neighbor's dog knew I hadn't been able to get to the puppy place I volunteer at because of the weather, so he broke free and came to share some of his soaking wet because he'd just been in the stream puppy love with me. lol Just a couple minutes after this shot, his dad showed up to get him. He's back home safe and sound...