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Photography Club


Torn picture of a guitar in a shop window. Looked like accidental art to me.
I didn't know this thread existed! I love it! It's great to get a visual of what other people see and what they are into... lots of incredible photos...

Here's a picture of the love of my life... she came to us during the pandemic (not our cat!) and has visited every day since multiple times a day... she's very intelligent (has learned how to sit on command and give her paw)... and she comes looking for comfort and trust... she's a true gift 🎁


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Took pictures of buildings at night. Walked two city blocks. This is an empty bank.

Found out there are three massage parlors on this stretch of the block. Right next to nice restaurants too.

This is a church, as if it weren’t obvious! I think it’s Episcopalian.

Another church. I think Lutheran.