Poetry with the barefootpoet - one word, and you riff on that!

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Policy Enforcement
Floral, green
whispering rivers
sweetly sing
landing upon a beating heart
a hummingbird hovers to kiss
a floral treat
the wildflower in yellow, lavender, pink, orange, blue
lots of them
lose myself in this where comfort is
and nature is kind in this place,
If you are with me;
hold my hand
and share a smile.

Next word: horse

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The horse stands tall and strong
Muscles tight and shimmering
Head held high looking through my eye
The horse stands tall and strong

Slow swing he walks toward me
Agitated by the flies
He listens with ears like seaside shells
Takes everything in, he is wise

He smells the mint I hide in hand
And pushes me with his nose
Let's out a vibrating snorting sound
And stands in a Gallant pose

He takes the mint and wets my hand
And thanks me with his eyes
Swishes his tail as he turns around
And trots off with his prize

New word CROWN

Tornadic Thoughts

The wolf, we're taught to fear
Told to never ever go near
To avoid the perceived savage
Or chance being wildly ravaged
Never once allowed to think any deeper
Beyond the self-appointed species-specific scorekeeper
All the while the image of the wolf eye see
Is the image of self looking right back at me.

Next word: Grass


Grass floating through the wind.
Chopped by the motor that cuts it.
Take the dead off to replenish with the new.
Water spraying like a fountain.
The roots and ever spreading system soaking up each droplet.
Extending to other networks until full.
Green is the grass most preferred unless your water bill has been hurt.

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