Psychiatrist Not Seeing Eye To Eye.



Hey everyone!

I’m having issues with my NP! I’m currently on a antipsychotic! She doesn’t like it wants me on a different one bc med reps have been coming in selling her it and bringing her a bunch of Starbucks.

On my current med, I managed to work for over a year, bought a car, moved into an apartment. This was while I was around an abuser and sexually assaulted at work.

She doesn’t seem to understand my personality disorder (histrionic) and mania. I have tried telling her I need a mood stabilizer but she won’t do it!

The antipsychotic I’m on now is weight neutral but I gained weight from binging after having anorexia. I have an active job can’t afford weight gain or I will be medically unhealthy and she wants me to go on vraylar! I’m on geodon now.

I want to try lamictal. I think my main issues stem from my mood swings and personality disorder. I’ve been so attached to the geodon I’m afraid if I’m not on an antipsychotic I’ll go crazy. But I don’t have any symptoms of schizophrenia. The only reason I was put on a bunch of antipsychotics was bc a doctor didn’t believe my mom was the person that caused my trauma. The antipsychotic somewhat tamed my mania tho but I feel if my right diagnosis arnt being treated I’m never going to get better.

Also it has been impossible to find a therapist that takes my insurance to work through my flashbacks. How do you cope if you can’t process stuff you remember?