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Ptsd poetry anyone?

My friend D said that the central teaching of Buddhism is “preparing to die”
I think it's a central tenet to life, to accept your own mortality.
It's a life in much less fear. And acceptance and gratitude.
It's hard for PTSD peeps, I know, with the chronic survival mode and all.
But essentially? I control nothing. And in that, I gain control, paradoxically.
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My friend D said that the central teaching of Buddhism is “preparing to die”. That every day you are supposed to meditate on this. Not to grieve—maybe? But also to not take any breath for granted. To not add to the great amount of suffering already so present and pervasive, if you can help it.
I have contemplated death, for some time, now, but not in the way that I will take my own life. I have lived with a disability where death is a possibility on any given day. Coming to the conclusion, that life is precious and one should live it to the fullest, love to the fullest possible (and for some people whom I love dearly, it can be a struggle), and be grateful for every day we are given, has given me a sense of direction for the rest of my existence, peace, and gratitude for the good times and people who have been there for me.
Stop Being in My Dreams

He who shall not be named, if I hear his name, I freeze.

Why does he insist on chasing me? I want to be left alone.

After all, I tell my brain, he's not around but it can't tell the difference.

I ignore him, he blocks my path and laughs.

Still he follows not caring if I'm smiling or frowning.

He always enjoyed the unfair chase.

I turn to him and shout with every fiber in my being, "Stop being in my dreams!"