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Ptsd research for student book

Discussion in 'Studies & Research' started by lauren12345, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Enaila

    Enaila Well-Known Member Premium Member Donated

    As I am starting to become more aware of when I am flashing, I can sometimes superimpose what is really around me with the flashback playing in the background. For instance, one of my flashbacks involved a time at a campground. When I returned to the campground to work on grounding techniques and face some fears, I saw the tall pine trees, dry brown grass, and big boulders clearly and used them to stay grounded while I could see lighter colored version of the flashback playing out in the same area. Not quite ghost like, but not as crystal clear as the current surroundings. I could hear the children laughing and saw the camp we had set up including the fishing poles all leaning against a boulder ready to be used. I kept a seed pod from one of the trees in my hand to help keep myself grounded on the present and had a supportive friend having me describe the scene. It was like the movies sometimes portray memories I guess. The flashback wasn't solid and I could see muted grass and trees behind the children....through them if that makes sense.
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  3. lauren12345

    lauren12345 New Member

    I wanted to try and make something actually useful as well as just looking nice as this is a very important topic to me, that would be amazing if you could drop me a message as there are a few things I am struggling to visualise at the moment and yours would be a valuable input, thank you!

    Thank you so much for this, definitely helped me visualise!
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  4. CdnCopper

    CdnCopper Active Member

    I'll describe it as being in the eye of a hurricane. If you look at a satellite shot of a hurricane the eye is where my brain is. Its in the centre of the storm. The storm is made up of never ending emotions, thoughts, memories of the traumas that you have experienced. They are constant, exhausting, never ending, with varying degrees of intensity all mixed in together.

    What triggers them. The thought are always there in one form or another, for me they never go away. My mind just skips from one thing to another. What seems to make them more intense or brings something more to the forefront......the sound of sirens, fireworks, smells, a uniform, the sight of a patrol car, news stories, hell the ice cube maker for my new fridge had me on the ground just after we got it because to me it sounded like gunshots when it was dropping ice cubes, the constant never ending aches in my body from the multiple surgeries I had to piece humpty back together again.....it seems like I'm always discovering a new trigger that will trigger what was once a long forgotten incident.
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  5. brokenEMT

    brokenEMT Well-Known Member

    for me it's like earthquakes and tsunamis. Stressors are smaller earthquakes, and generate smaller and fewer waves. Major stressors are larger earthquakes, with larger and more waves. Triggers are the mega quakes, with 2006/2011 type tsunamis.

    The shitty thing about tsunamis is that the first wave clears and lubricates the path for the following waves. You think the first wave of emotional shit is the worst, and have some relief when it rolls back out... but nope, wave 2 bulldozes farther and creates more damage before rolling back out... then wave 3. And the waves just keep coming until the stressor/trigger is resolved.
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  6. lauren12345

    lauren12345 New Member

    This is a great analogy thank you!

    This is great thanks!
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  7. Stitchy31710

    Stitchy31710 New Member

    I have complex ptsd. For me it's like living on the edge of sanity, never knowing when you will topple over the edge. Just teetering, hoping that nothing will seek up behind youand drive you over. Some days are good others not so good. All while hoping that nothing triggers it and all while still learning the triggers. Trying to control your temper, anxiety, and thought so you can stay standing and not fall. PTSD is a delicate balancing act until you learn how to handle it and live with it.
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  8. lauren12345

    lauren12345 New Member

    Thank you so much for your response!
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