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Quote Of The Day

"There is a pain and deep comfort in remembering , just as there is deep pain and comfort in forgetting " - quote by Brumby in the sunshine.(yes, original)

We need to learn ,even if just for a moment, for sixty seconds in a glorious day , to forgive ourselves,
to be patient with ourselves ,to love ourselves.
"Loving someone with PTSD or CPTSD is one of the greatest joys and privileges- yet, when the heartbreak comes it is the cruelest cut and the deepest grief"- Brumbyinthesunshine.

Bowing out of the forum after just a few short months of trying to gain genuine knowledge and understanding.The pushback has been OTT for a new comer. I appreciate all your opinions and views.Perhaps if anyone is keen - read the numerous times my posts state - nothing is written to cause pushback or offence , and much respect is offered to sufferers over and over again.Not here to ruffle feathers - stumbled onto the forum 2023 to seek out support for a supporter.

I wish you all well.
Heal and be at peace.