Readers thread: what or who are you reading right now?

Tornadic Thoughts

Listening to Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki on CD in the car as I do errands and what not. Trying to innserstand more about investing.

Not having had any "extra" money of my own before never put me in a position to learn. They definitely didn't teach finances in school. I even took an accounting course. Blah.

Dealing with mom's estate has me thinking it would be a damn good time to gain some of those skills. It's like learning another language.


Listening to Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki on CD
Good Book.

Hitler - My part in his Downfall Terrance "Spike" Milligan, KBE Honorary CBE .

I believe he suffered from PTSD after a mental breakdown he suffered in fighting around Monte Cassino, Italy during WW2. He was diagnosed at that time with manic depression, anxiety triggered and later with bipolar disorder.


He wrote, I think 5 more memoirs, all but the last about his experiences in the war. If you liked the first one, check them out, but I found they suffered from diminishing returns.
Re reading the series would have been more accurate. The first 3 1/2 are really his war memoirs although his wartime experiences continue through book 4. Book four and five are where his life really became affected by his illness. Its funny but they are a different when you see the signs and symptoms develop in him.

There was a quote from later in his life where he said:
"I have got so low that I have asked to be hospitalized for deep narcosis. I cannot stand being awake. The pain is too much.... Something has happened to me, this vital spark has stopped burning - I go to a dinner table now and don't say a word, just sit there like a dodo. Normally I am the centre of attention - keep the conversation going - so that's depressing in itself. It's like another person is taking over, very strange. The most important thing I say is 'good evening' and then I go quiet."