Seeing two therapists at the same time?

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Asked my long term therapist about this today because it was all causing me some anxiety.

I very casually (!) said I'd been offered EMDR and that I was open to exploring it but also had some hesitations and what did she think. She didn't really know anything about EMDR so is going to research it a bit. She seemed a bit like me to exploring what might be a useful treatment for me but also cautious in case it sets me back and starts triggering dissociation again because it's taken us a long time to get that more under control.

I asked her, if I decide to go ahead and try the EMDR, would she still be happy to continue to work with me alongside that and she said absolutely. She actually looked quite horrified at the thought of me going off and doing something different elsewhere and her not being in the picture as a consistent support who knows me/my history etc really well.

So, I think that now feels better.

Although it's not ideal, I think I'm just going to leave it as it is with the NHS one...I don't think I need to admit to blurting out a panicked fib! I don't anticipate there being very many sessions nor her wanting to go all out to build a deep therapeutic relationship with me for that limited time scale. So, although I wish I had been honest, I think I can live it and leave it there. Don't think that will cause any harm or be detrimental to the process. If it unexpectedly does, I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

Thanks everyone for helping me think this through.


Ok, yes. If I go ahead I’ll certainly post here in case it’s useful. Think preparation phase may start in a month or so if green light go. Yikes!

Is it potentially an option for you or is that not part of the NHS offering in your area?


Cool thanks @barefoot :)

Erm I'm not entirely sure if EMDR is available for me or not. A couple years ago it was offered as an option but I defo didn't feel I was stable enough to accept it at the time.

So it might still be am option but I know that changes happen in the PTSD section at my local hospital according to staffing and funding and I haven't asked about it as have just recently finished a set of 12 week group therapies which I got a lot out of. And have just accepted to go on the waiting list for long term group for therapy.

So, I'm not sure is the answer :D


Yes, I do see where you’re coming from @Lumos
I feel lucky that I have been able to afford to work with a private therapist for the past few years. I am by no means loaded and it has been a real struggle to afford it at times. But, even when struggling, I am grateful that it was possible to find a way to continue. I absolutely know that paying privately is not an option for everyone.

That said, the NHS is for everyone. I don’t feel that I shouldn’t have a right to get treatment there - whether that’s for mental health or physical health.

I respect your view and experience but think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

@Teasel - glad that you’re continuing to get value from and make progress with your treatment. And that there’s now group workshops in the pipeline. Keep on keeping on ? And I’ll update you if I end up EMDR-ing.


@barefoot , i’m really pleased for you that you were able to get the emdr and well done for talking to your long term therapist. As not all therapists are emdr trained then it may be likely that someone could have 2 therapists altho i think that the concern of some (and this is where the ethical part comes in - and i think is also noted in the UK health NICE guidelines ) is that the therapies may contradict each other. I can understand why you didnt want to tell the EMDR therapist , but you may find that she is supportive and may offer to be in contact with your other therapist?
I’m in the uk and i pay to see a therapist - we have done emdr work together , however she moved so we continued therapy but via telephone or skype . When we decided that emdr was something to do again ( as i had found it very successful the first time) she suggested a colleague of hers that i could see face to face for emdr - my employer benefits paid for it - i continued to work with both for approx 6 months and they worked together in some way to help me. So my experience is that it can work successfully.
Good luck with the emdr - im happy to provide insight if you have any questions. Look forward to seeing your updates.
So, although I wish I had been honest, I think I can live it and leave it there. Don't think that will cause any harm or be detrimental to the process. If it unexpectedly does, I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

^Well done - I hope it goes really well. :)

hat said, the NHS is for everyone.

^Absolutely correct it is for everyone so I see no problem with getting some help if they offer it.


Policy Enforcement
I’m just curious why you would want to burden a system that is already broken and struggling by taking up a therapist and time with that therapist that could have gone to someone who has been waiting years for any kind of therapy. I get wanting to do the EMDR, I get wanting two T’s. But isn’t it pretty morally objectionable to occupy resources you don’t actually *need* when others do need it? I don’t, you do you, but I feel icky about you not being honest with NHS and taking up needed resources.


I’ve already responded to someone else on this point.

The only thing I would add in response to what you’ve just said is that the wait time in my area isn’t years. It’s about 10 weeks. And it’s less than that for people in crisis. So, I am not taking the place from someone who has been on a waiting list for any kind of therapy for years. I know services and wait times etc vary by location. That’s what it is here where I live.

I’m not going to justify myself.

And I don’t come here to be shamed.

I respectfully ask that there be no more posts here about how morally objectionable and undeserving of NHS help I am. That’s not the point of the thread. Thank you.
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