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General Serious bouts of vomiting


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My partner who has had PTSD for a couple of years now started vomiting as a (what seems to be) a panic attack symptom. He feels it coming on and starts coughing, and then falls into a bit vomiting fit. This has been going on a long time now - and we can’t figure out how to stop it. Does anyone have experience with this? Any medications that help?
stress has caused me to vomit for as long as i can remember. a ptsd episode is a major stressor in my book.

breathing exercises are what work for me. if i can regulate my breathing, the nausea passes. somebody who will grab my hands, make eye contact and breath with me can speed the process tremendously. a warm, assuring hug afterward speeds recovery from the episode almost as much as a gentle kiss of compassionate humor.
The Shakes / Shits / Pukes ALL = super common anxiety symptoms.

The only ways to really manage it? Are to learn to manage the anxiety.

Some people? NEVER do, and just come to accept puking (Like stage fright before every show, or puking before every social engagement, or puking before every test, and every other kind of anxiety spike) as just part of life, and no biggie. Toothbrush in back pocket, bottle of water to rinse the acid down, & carry on. No fuss, no muss.

Other people use either anti nausea meds (zofran) or antianxiety meds (benzos, mostly, SUPER addictive with up to. 2 year kick, far worse than opiates/alcohol 3 day kick), in conjunction with anxiety & stress management skills (see The ptsd cup explanation ).

But most people with PTSD? DO both learn how to manage their anxiety & stress until the shakes/shits/pukes are infrequent visitors, or gone completely.
I think stress, anxiety, infections (including sinus infections), ulcers, bowel obstructions, an abscessed tooth and many other things can cause severe frequent vomiting if bad enough. But mentioning coughing I wonder if it's acid reflux/ GERD -related? If he notices a burning especially it might be. I sure know stress and anxiety can do it though. And then (just speaking for me) I end up worrying it will occur which causes more anxiety. I would imagine it would be wise to check with a doctor to rule out what it isn't. Miserable thing to deal with though, and thoroughly draining. Hope he/ you get relief soon!