Service Dogs (2023)

A thought - one of the things my trainer required was that we pass the Public Access Test, which is basically the trainer following us around and documenting that SD was well behaved in public. There is no actual certification test required to have a dog, but this process verified he had learned all she had to teach and gave me reassurance that he was predictable in public

You can see it here public aaccess test yes, you can train to this by yourself but I liked having some kind of oversight to do it right lol

I used gentle leaders on my Rotties and loved them., Instead of trying to win a battle of wills by pulling on their necks, where all their muscles are lol, the leader directs their nose. Think of it like a halter on a horse by pointing them the way you want him to go rather than pulling
There are two PTSD service dogs at my work (from the same SD company) and they use gentle leaders. The leash has like a giant loop so it is worn like a sash, so that the person’s arms are free. In addition to the vest they also wear boots at all times out of the house.
Guys! Big win with my dog! We started leash training, and she did so good. I let her explore as is natural, but I kept her in a heel and redirected pulling. She got plenty of treats and knew exactly what was expected of her. I also had no seizures on our walk :D If my health allows, this will be a daily or even twice daily training exercise.
I have 2 documented ESAs. Dogs. Pitbulls. I have a seizure risk from a craniotomy done in May 2014. I have been seizure free thus whole time. My dogs are not trained but are always with me. I feel safe with them and my stress decreases. One of my dogs I call my velcro dog. He is always there. If I do get stressed or emotional and he is watching me I get concerned I could have a seizure. But I never had so far
These are my dogs. One is 4 1/2 years. The other is three. Both rescues.


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I got her a gentle leader and a colorful leash today. Hoping to have a training session when the rain stops :D