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My wife is still not 100% on if she wants to give this a try. She is worried about the injection and how it is done. She has been calling this place and it has been a lot of phone tag. As we move forward I will let everyone know.
She just went in I am not allowed in the room. I am so proud of her for pushing past her anxiety and giving this a try. The docotor is great and she likes him so I am very happy for that.

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Well it has been 24hr and so far it looks like it worked. Her anxiety is gone and all the cloudiness that she was feeling is gone too. Our plan is to write something together tomorrow and put it under my dairy and talk about her experience yesterday and today. We really want to share this with all of you because it looks like it works. Even if it only works for a few months, that is a few months that she can work on her trauma with out all the anxiety that comes with it. The doctor was great to deal with and he was very open and honest about the procedure and that it is still experimental. He did tell me that he is on the funding list for 1 million from the DOD for 2012. This cost us $1,000 for the shot and we could not pass up this opportunity in our own back yard. Out of the 15 he has done in his office for PTSD only 2 did not have positive results. He has done this on other military folks and I think the total number of injections he has given for PTSD is around 45. That is less then a 1% failure rate. We have no idea how long it will last but we will do our best to keep everyone here in the loop. The plan is to post it in my diary for now so keep an eye on it. If you have any questions about what we did and don't want to post it please PM me. My wife will be home soon and things are looking much much better for her.
Thank you for posting this encouraging information and keeping us in the loop. I am so glad things are looking better for your wife.
If results last even a few months, then I agree, it means during that time a person can work hard on their trauma so that when it wears off, life becomes a lot better.

I do wonder about longevity... I also wonder if these can be given one after another, ie. when it wears off, do you just go back for another shot? What are the consequences of extended shots of this nature?

If this does work, and has a low failure rate... then whilst not a cure, it could certainly allow one hell of a lot of people with PTSD time to just recover without all the problematic symptoms. Even if a person could get this for two years straight... that amount of time feeling normal and working out past trauma, is enough time for the brain to do a lot of healing, without constant re-traumatisation.

I wonder what the implications are if trauma is endured during the period the shot is working?
... that amount of time feeling normal and working out past trauma, is enough time for the brain to do a lot of healing, without constant re-traumatisation.

The whole idea of a shot...just seems to good. But that part I quoted is amazing in it self, becasue its hard to work with past trauma when you are always depressed, or getting down about other things. For me for example, I always feel I have to explain myself and my actions. It's a slow processes.

But again, Just seems to good to be true and I don't trust it. All that you need to cure your pain is a shot?
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