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Singulair and Depression


My depression has been worse the last few months, with a return of suicidal thoughts. I discovered today--totally by accident--that the Singulair the doctor put me on for my severe sinusitis (which is the only thing that has been helping) has as its side effects depression, suicidal thoughts, agitation, attention issues, disorientation, etc.

Why is it so hard to get proper, reasonable care that will not harm?

Anyone else have similar issues with Singulair or a similar med? Have you found something similar that works without the side effects?
As a parent, I was warned about every “black box” warning on any med my son was prescribed… in part because childrens hospitals employ the tippity top 1% of doctors, and in part because children are far more likely to experience extreme side effects of medications & need their supervision aware of those potential symptoms.

Singulair was one such, whose side effects on my son, meant it was discontinued fairly early on.


In my family we have an incredibly broad reaction spectrum to allergy & breathing meds. We’ve all had to try a lot of different ones to find what’s

A) What’s most effective
B) What side effects we can tolerate

Most of us have 2 meds, or 2 med groups; 1 we use that gets the job done with zero or few side effects we don’t mind that much; 1 with heavy side effects, but works for those times that we need to call in the calvary.

It’s all trial and error.

At least until science progresses onward to be able to identify how any individual will react before taking them. But medical science as it stands now? That would be like space flight during the industrial revolution & steam engines. It’s IMAGINABLE. We can see a time when that will be possible. But we’re not there, yet.