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Sudden Changes - Left Without A Therapist - Help!

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If you're gonna be in the system, might as well learn more about how it works. It's never, ever, straightforward or intuitive - it's like learning a new set of rules. But knowing them will always help you!
This is very true; its been two years 'in the system' and neither I nor my parents have a clue yet!
I didn't look at it that way...I guess I am discharged....that's a really scary thought...I just want to go back but I'm beginning to think that's not in the cards....this whole thing is spiraling so out of control.
:hug:Just a quick note on 'overthinking'...I am guilty of this as well! It's a habit that is hard to break!

My friends and I call it 'running around in our heads without adult supervision." (I am 58 years old):(

It is VERY HARD at any age to return to home and living with your parents! I had to do it after a 2 year 'breakdown', and have stayed, now as a caretaker.

Whatever your psychological issues you have, going home is a big issue all by itself!
I am glad you reached out here to vent, and get support which we all need. That tells me you ARE working towards getting better even if it doesn't feel like it. You are being 'proactive' by coming here! It's a special place!:cool:

:hug:Hang in there!:hug:
You are NOT alone!!!:hug:
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