The End Game


Thanks. Enjoying the lack of a mortgage, paid the tax and done. Interest on that money just kept sucking the value of the payments I was making, tax was a one shot hit that is still stinging but I know it was just the one and done.
My company has managed my 401k since I started there last century. Until recently I had no say in how it was invested, and couldn’t even add my own earnings to my fund. It was all put there as a percentage of my annual income and as profit share. When it was all just a part of my income that I never saw, it was just a pie in the sky number that I hoped would pay off someday, no guarantee, no expectation. Now it is a real thing, it is my home and my property and the knowledge that all I have to do is stay here and I have a place to stay. That is not pie in the sky, that’s real and some days it feels like it is the only thing that is. Can’t describe the feeling of stability I have never had before, even after almost 40 years here it isn’t one month x 12 x 40 anymore.


Oh. Didn't realize the deal was already done. Sorry.

Our peace of mind can sometimes be measured in dollars and sometimes it can't. Seems like this time yours could lol 😏🤭

I'm happy you're happy and l love the feeling of a yoke coming off my neck! 😊😊💕

Congrats on making a decision and following through!



Its a long story but the last 4 years has been consumed by waiting for my wife to recover from 3 major hip surgeries with a fourth one coming next week. the recovery may take a month or so, but I am going to try to get my knee replaced as soon as possible, no more waiting for her recovery from a hip going in or coming back out or waiting for her to finally schedule the next needed thing or rushing to rescue her from the latest emergency thing. even if I end up in transitional care for awhile I am getting my knee fixed. should have been years ago but I can hobble along at work and she can't do much unless it can be done from a wheelchair so i havent been missing that much of life, but, I have. I want to live and waiting for her is not living.
This may sound selfish but heres the thing. I am dragging my feet all these years waiting for her to catch up and hop on, but in my rearview I see her smoking, gaining weight, basically going backward and I don't want to stop and go back any more. End game. Hopefully her hip will be a success and she will get back in the game, but if not I will be hitting the ground with a new knee and playing these last innings the best way i know how, I will tell her about it when I get home