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A lot of folks wait until bed time to do magnesium flake/epsom salt baths, but I sometimes start my day with one, too.
I sometimes get up in the middle of the night and do a soak -- try to prevent the flare up from getting worse once it starts.

Along with the cold, keep an eye on the barometric pressure. There was a big study done that said that fibro wasn't affected by it ....except for the 15% of people who were. :rolleyes:
For me if it changes a lot, or really quickly, it can spike a flare so I keep a close eye on the weather.

Allie D.

For me if it changes a lot, or really quickly, it can spike a flare so I keep a close eye on the weather.
ha, my mother is obsessed with the weather; sometimes I can predict 24 hours ahead so she *almost* envies my storm-predicting talent haha.

You guys talking about temperature... I'm starting to think about internal temperature rather than external. I know my body doesn't regulate temperature well at all -- and I've attributed it to fibro. Sometimes I start to feel feverish. I don't know if it triggers a flare, or signals a flare, but it seems connected. Anyone else notice fun body temp issues?


I don't run a fever but I do get that tingly/shocky feeling (hows that for descriptive! LOL) when a bad flare is imminent that kind of feels like a fever. So ya -- I could see it actually raising body temp. Kind of like burning energy to short circuit the entire system


I feel a lot of validation reading I am not alone in finding weather changes incredibly difficult.

cold is difficult, I stiffen too- as well as pain , but I have a heated blanket and thermal underwear - where as weather CHANGES are more difficult to cope with I think?


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Since there are so many of us around here with fibro I thought we could use a thread to talk about treatments and stressors and stupid people and medications and spoons and blah blah.

Hows that for a supportive start?! :laugh:

I'm curious to hear from people who are using cymbalta, lyrica or gabapentin. My doc isn't a fan of those for people with ptsd because the suicide risk is too high for her comfort level. But I'm getting worse right now (too much stress in the life and world) so I'm wondering if anyone has had success with them?

I didn't read everything here, so if I am repeating information, I apologize.

I am on 1800mg of gabapentin daily. I started taking it to manage the pain of hip arthritis but also have fibromyalgia.

I genuinely hate medication and I loathe the idea of suggesting it but this medication has helped me a lot and that is the simple truth. It helps my anxiety and my pain. I have not had issues with depression or suicidal thoughts while taking it.

If you don't already avoid inflammation-causing foods, however, I would strongly suggest that as step one. Also, pool therapy rocks.


Don’t have fibro... but this popped up on my reading list of PTSD science articles (nuffink to do with PTSD! Argh. So annoying when anything ‘veteran’ auto tags as PTSD) and I thought some of y’all might find it interesting in regards to the low glutamate diet. Could be old-news in fibro land, I wouldn’t know... but as someone with severe chronic pain? Anything to help anyone else’s pain-levels out is knowledge to kick!!!

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Anyone take gabapentin for their fibro (or other neuropathic pain)? How concerned should I be about the side effects? Does it help?

I take 600 mg of gabapentin 3 times a day (1800 mg total) for pain. I have not had any significant long-term side effects and it helps a lot. I think I started it in January. I typically hate to suggest medications for anything but I have never been happier with a medication. It helps with my fibromyalgia and arthritis pain and probably with the pain from hypermobility, too. I was actually prescribed this medication for the pain from arthritis and labral tears because I can't tolerate ibuprofen -- the doc said it works on any pain, not just neuropathic pain, though it is especially good for neuropathic pain. Everything feels better than it did.

It has also really helped my anxiety. I don't take anything else for anxiety at this point and it is better controlled than it has ever been. That said, pretty much anything you take with gabapentin that has a sedative effect becomes more sedating with the gabapentin, so some other medications may need to be adjusted if the gabapentin is started.

When I first started taking it, it affected my bowels. I almost stopped taking it because since I already have IBS-D, I didn't need the aggravation but over time and after I started more diligently taking a psyllium fiber supplement daily (as I should with IBS-D, anyway) the problem went away.