Therapist Abandoned Me


I have a relationship question but do not wish to create a whole new thread when I already have this one
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That’s exactly what new threads are for 😎

Conversations evolve, certainly, no problem with that whatsoever.

However, regular threads are read from the OP onwards, and not only do new questions get missed, but people will be continuing to answer the OP long past when that Q is done and dusted, as are the eleventy following Q’s & answers.

Trauma Diaries, otoh, are read from the most recent post… as it’s understood people are continuing to post into the same thread for as long as they’re on the forum (often years, and hundreds of pages / thousands of posts / across countless topics).

So if you’d like to have a “home” thread to return to / not have to post new threads for new topics? I’d strongly suggest starting a Trauma Diary.

Just to be clear, you haven’t done anything wrong.
😁 It’s perfectly natural to transition from one abandonment issue into the next, and/or to wonder if a professional response to being told you feel abandoned by their actions would be the same -or wildly different- as a layperson/lovers response.

However, part of our jobs as mods is to take new questions buried in old threads, and start new threads with them. <<< Which is what I’m about to be doing, and you can find your new thread here >>> Boyfriend Difficulties - Abandonment Issues & Scheduling Conflicts

If you (or anyone else) would like to discuss or have Q’s THIS post? Please hit us up over at Contact Us, rather than replying in thread. Thanks!


I am so deeply sorry for what you went through as a child. I can picture you on the phone to your brother at a strangers house. I just want to send you some kind of comfort and positive vibes. I'm believing for you that you are recovering. Through all of this.