Other Tremors

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There's certainly nothing simple about the body/brain going haywire is there?!

GENUINELY made me laugh - incredible visual and entirely appropriate metaphor! Thank you 😆

Right?!?! I'm trying to think of a clever metaphor but think maybe I should leave that to you 😝 I have my "checklist" too, but as I'm sure you experience, sometimes I get tired and can't go through that list or perhaps things are missing from my checklist that I've forgotten or don't know about. Thanks for sharing your mudpits (what I call this mess).

a) Will do
b) Am in process. I've been more wrong in the last six months than I have in my life, so am curious to see!

Lifesaver. Literally. Any possibility there is! 🙏
This has been a lifelong issue that I've only recently trying to get help for. Noy just my hands but my whole body shook in terror. Only recommendation from Doc that worked (temporarily) was the coldest water on my face. It quickly returned. Even knowing the trigger, someone else had the controls. So it took 3 days of this (not medicinally induced) and spoke to a few combat vet friends. Hiding under a blanket was their number one answer. Still couldn't get the slightest handle on it. Started reading about TRE and how these shakes are somehow good for us- like a dog shaking, a nervous restart of sorts. All nice and well but my brain wasn't trying to hear any of it. Needed to purge what my body was screaming at me as the culprit. Cried like a child, thinking I just had to make it to the next therapy session. Needless to say I didn't get what I believed the session was for. Was huge let down. Idk if it was the anger that made it ease and the understanding that these guys only grasp so much in the field. Certainly creared a shift. So dealing with flare-up and (after3+) anxiety meds to stop fight/flight, I took all three and missed appt entirely. So I've stopped shaking but have damaged the doc/patient bit. Can't be surprised, had good intentions to get through some more difficult things and managed to bugger it as I do with everything. Interested in what you are found that works.
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