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General Trying To Start Up an Online Support Group for Younger Vet's Partners

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I think the order should be something like:
  • Establish local groups around the country
  • Have each group form an Incorpated Association
  • Combine all groups into one Company Non-Profit Organisation
I think that is the key to achieving the goal of establishing a fully functional non-profit organisation.
Hi Anthony, It'll take a bit longer to get back to you we have a 'power supply' problem so it could be even Tuesday before we are back 'on-line'.
Hi Anthony,

I’ve been offline longer than I wished as we had a problem with the brushes in our generator and had to conserve power in our battery banks as it could have taken quite some time to repair and the solar panels don't put in much when it's cloudy. As with all emergencies, this one occurred on Friday which added an extra dimension to getting anything done re spare parts etc. Fortunately GT is a competent bush electrician/mechanic/tractor repairman/everything and we have good electrician friends in the community who tried to get the necessary bushes on Sat. No luck. But between them they were able to rig up a running repair so here I am tapping away.
We’ve lived with an alternate power system for over 22 years now even though we only live about 55k's from Melbourne but we set the farm up as an organic and alternate living model.

I wouldn’t wait a minute longer to apply your skills. As the whole online advertising industry is the fastest growing segment of the advertising marketplace, I think it’s a great way to reach the younger generation who are so IT savvy. The advantage to starting here is that you have the skills and we could get immediate exposure.

I agree that we need to construct a more realistic idea about the aftermath of military service. Let‘s brainstorm this idea and develop a publicity audit which will show us what we want to say; how we want to say it and who we want to bring the story to. I have always thought that the women’s magazines like Women’s Weekly would be a good one to approach, as well as the Sat papers. Human interest kind of stories which would also be appropriate for current affairs programs too. One shouldn’t forget radio especially Community radio. Do you have any good media performers?

What I was talking about here is that partner/carers are often not consulted about the way their veterans are treated, e.g., the DVA gives them no official status beyond that of a dependent, the vet often cuts them out of the therapy loop so a valuable perspective on his effect on the family unit does not get examined and the veteran’s health industry focuses on the vet. I have been part of GT’s therapy right from the start and his psych has provided us with a blueprint for managing the PTSD that affects both of us. He rarely sees partners with their vets. What a wasted opportunity for the therapist and the relationship. In my teaching days the counseling of kids was usually done within the context of the family. This did not mean that the kid did not get individual time but recognition of the fact that if changes had to be made they had a better chance of being effective if the “unit” understood them and were committed to them. I see the same need in the PTSD “unit”. So, if the spouse/ carers/ partner were recognized as an essential element in treatment I think outcomes could be improved all round.
Does that make sense?

This is “Big Picture “stuff and the internet is a great way of getting debate going on the subject. Have you ever considered getting a blog going? This is a great way to give the small people a VOICE without vested interest the editorial power they exercise on our media.

I’ve discussed the timing of an outreach program and have wondered if maybe there is a need to catch the potentially damaged vet before they leave the military. While they are obviously not yet coming to grips with the cause of their problem as yet, at least they could be made aware of the existence of all avenues of support available. At least make their families aware of this.

I say an unqualified YES to all points of Year One. What can I do to help?

My comment on Year Two through to Five is that you could consider building a big enough profile as a provider of welfare support to younger veterans through the PTSD National Network that the group can get included on consultative forums where their representation ensures that the issues they feel are important and that have been overlooked have a chance to be translated into policy. It took the PVA at least 3 years of solid work to get this recognition. They now sit on both State and Federal consultative forums and have earned respect from a number of politicians.

What you hope to build seems much more wide reaching than just support services for vets and their partners.

It’s interesting that your plan to start with small incorporated groups around the country is exactly how the NSW girls started in 1999 after they organized a conference at Myall Lakes, NSW. They expanded from their State by State.

Cheers LT
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