Unable to sleep due to office politics and toxic work culture

Yup! This is so me! Mind won’t quit on it some nights.

I adhere to a gradual ‘shutting down for the night process every night, which helps. That includes reading for a while after all my tech is switched off, followed by a guided relaxation.

The nights where I need an extra boost to get my mind to chill the hell out, I switch the guided relaxation for a 1 hour yoga nidra session. I use the BetterSleep (formerly Relax Melodies) app for both which is excellent, but a bit more pricey than some of the very good apps available on the market.
Thanks all for replies. I came to know about this group from Pete Walker's book 'CPTSD : Surviving to Thriving'.
Is there a way to do voice call or are there any online group sessions? Sometimes I get strong emotions of helplessness and hopelessness and I would like to connect with people who understand these problems in life due to CPTSD