What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

Tired of BS and run-arounds and hoping for the best. Tired of trying and tired of persevering. Tired of relying on others, tired of being impacted by others, tired of being forced to endure what I loathe.

I think I will give up on having a Christmas this year, zero hope, zero expectation zero disappointment. Pblm solved.
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And really, really tired of being insulted. What a poor string of choices I've made. Or got what my earlier life deserves, Idk. Hopeless and alone.

I wish people who want me to F'off would just say so rather than dance around it in the name of kindness, or *whatever*. Sickening. Gross. I'd leave in a heartbeat, they needn't worry.
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I'm upset. Frustrated. Sad, disgusted. Just everything is making me mad. I'm sick of people. Dealing with the same crap from old and new people. When will this nightmare end. I would like to have connections with people with out anyone saying there interested in me. Time to calm myself by throwing stuff away not sure if it is a healthy thing to do but the less things I have the better.
Disappointed at have to reschedule our Christmas get together. Its too cold, windy and the roads are too icy to risk having the family travel. So New Year's will be our family celebration. I'm just not patient or perhaps too many disappointments have left me less resilient to "normal" changes?
I'm just not patient or perhaps too many disappointments have left me less resilient to "normal" changes?
I'm sorry it's worked out that way @intothelight , and it certainly has across the continent.

That is how I feel, and the same also with hurt or being screamed at, also.

I woke up today thinking, "OK, pity party table for one, reservation over". But the truth is my coping option is gone, I slept in and I'm 2 hours behind. I will likely not get done what I need to today before work, and there is almost zero likelihood I will be able to run around tomorrow to drop off a return-receipt at minus 40 C and blowing snow with busses that do not come on even a regular day. I feel inclined (or perhaps just expect?) I will skip everything entirely, and be hard pressed to ever show my face again, why should I when I feel like a burden and shame anyway, except where I have to with family which is likely to be a sh^t show I won't be able to escape, especially with no face on, freezing weather and little open. I don't even want to think of what it's going to take to get through. But just as equally, if my concerns are not of any value to others anyway, maybe they shouldn't be my concern either? Or maybe they don't care and now I know it. That changes a lot.

I'm sorry to talk about myself. Venting I guess. Or just voicing reality and accepting it, maybe.

I can only say at least you guys want to be together, so it will work out some way, because everyone will make an effort (a safe one) that they can. Gentle hugs to you xoxoxox. I am sorry for your disappointment.
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I feel tired and I feel a little frustrated that my body is aging along with several chronic illness and I cannot do what I used to do.
Oh, I can sooo relate to this!

Feeling tired, lacking any motivation or care, sad that I am no one's priority, stuffed full of cotton and unable to do anything I need to.
I was thinking, every Cgristmas is the same, feel let down from a lack of honesty.
Oh well, pity-party-table-for-one. What does it matter? Zero. Reduces any ties of wanting to be here though, that's for sure. But maybe that's a good thing, who knows. Maybe it's accepting what can't be fixed? Who knows.

May everyone have a peaceful day though, a good one. ❤️💚💙