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What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

I have limited energy but some to spare in my pocket—it's a pity I can't transmit it to you through optical fiber.
Wow thanks @mszl that is a very sweet thought! I have always thought of sharing strength or protection or comfort, but never energy! 😊 That is kind. Hugs to you. If not that job another will come along for you as you are working hard. 🫂

I guess in all honesty I feel sad and abandoned. I guess alone, the kind of knowing I don't matter to anyone and have limited resources, no one has my back. But true or not it sounds stupid or feels very stupid. Something that doesn't matter or is irrelevant as an adult or when one is not important. I guess I never felt entitled to sadness when it came to myself.

I do feel a bit like an entertaining monkey, esp at work, but I really feel like a turtle in their shell. No biggie just other's perception I think vs reality.
I think I'm slowly working my way through the seven dwarfs;

Sneezy thanks to hay-fever
Sleepy thanks to antihistamine and insomnia - very bad combination!
Dopey thanks again to the antihistamine
And Grumpy because I just am!