What Is Your Inner Child Feeling Today?

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Big Hugs @8888

My inner children (because I was once 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc., etc.) feel like an adolescent who is about to move into their own apartment for the first time. It is something I never got to do when I was younger. Now that I am 60 years old I have a lot of appreciation for having my own space!!! Moving into my own apartment in a few days.
Thank you! Somehow missed this before.
betrayed, by me cuz i wished him dead 😕but cooler heads prevailed eventually and i set up his safe space for him, so slightly calmer but angry

i think the 9yr old inner kid- the one i wished dead goes "i got us out and you guys screwed us and everything else up again"
and I think it all started with him, his actions. will need to reconcile that.
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