What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?


New Here
- Joy Division (the Still compilation, made by brilliant Martin Hannett)
Sister Ray (Live at the Moonlight Club, London April 1980)

The live lyrics are tighter. Marching on the united a-holes of the world, with a mirror in the hand.
The UAW, all they do is for love and to save mankind. Because it's so dam' cute. And it really deserves to be saved from itself.
But, man, don't you stain the carpet ! :D

- Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun

I drift in inner space, free of time
I find a higher state of grace, in my mind
My soul's an oasis, higher than the sun, aaaaaaaaah :D


New Here
Oh, regularly, I make sure to take my shot of Laibach :

Laibach - Geburt Einer Nation :

It's the exact translation of Queen's One vision. In german :>>>
That's Laibach's schtick or angle.
They did that to Life is Life by Opus, Across the universe by the Beatles, etc.
It's demonically hilarious, and while making their point, they make dam good music.

Tornadic Thoughts

Hi Tornadic Thoughts, for some reason, this video is blocked in France... :(
What's the title, please, and the artist ? "Ray Band" or "Ray Artist" is giving me anything from Ray Ban to Man Ray so far... :D
Hi Toffsy - It's Ray LaMontagne, Let It Be Me - May your ears enjoy it, too. ☺️

Got some Amos Lee in the ear space tonight. This song, Worry No More, gives me something to aspire to. Wouldn't no more worry be great?!

"Even if it don't come true, dreaming is what dreamers do...."