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Words and Sayings Unique to Your Country/Culture

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Then theres the whole video game languages:

To grind as in, "im gonna go grind" - play a lot, usually working on quests/ for bonus coins/tokens etc

A sweat as in "they're a sweat" - someone who's played since the game launched or someone who 'thinks' they're really good at the game

"yeet!" - throw someone's character off of something in the game- usually a cliff or buliding, also now in common language here when you randomly chuck shit

"let's gooooo!!"- i just did something epic and won and that means i'm frikin awesome and will continue making epic moves this whole game. total brag and usually due to some lucky shot. also, always shouted.

"OG" - over godded, someone with super powerful upgrades/weapons that is hard to defeat, or just the super powerful upgrade itself

"OP"- over powered, same as OG.... "he's so OP" "that armours so OG"

up shit creek without a paddle -- you have some major problems with no solution
don't let the door hit you in the ass -- telling someone to get out of your room/office/house
we have those here too. mostly the older generations....... 😳sorry

"you writing a book? shove it up yer ass and make it a mystery" - response to when someone asks something thats none of their business. shortened to "you writin' a book?" Unless you're stupid enough to answer that the second part won't be needed

"colder than a witches tit" - f*cking cold outside, wear a coat slacker


SFA- shit f*ck all, usually a reply to what're you doin today?

SOL- shit out of luck, nothing you can do about it

POS- piece of shit, referring to material things, usually objects with motors that aren't running properly

Tough luck- man, that sucks but i dont really give a shit cuz yer a dumbass, moving on now

I know right? (IKR) - yeah i agree and its stupid

"your mom" - usually a reply to someones insult, mostly when joking about random crap and never actually makes sense when used but always shuts the other person up

heh- this thread reminds me of how much i dont talk to people anymore 😏
I know right? (IKR) - yeah i agree and its stupid
I was so sick of this one. I had a young doctor say it to me once and I gave him the evil old nurse eye and he had the grace to look embarrassed. He was playing a video game on his phone and told me he wouldn't go see a patient because he didn't want them to think he was at their beck and call. I gave him the triple evil old nurse eye with a twist and he saw the patient.

FOS - full of shit either literally if you're in the hospital, or figuratively if you're lying. Or as a friend of my son's said - French Onion Soup?
Oops, I was trying to show you who Alf was @Friday but didn't realise I couldn't copy 'n paste without causing copyright problems, but you can see a pic of the old codger here, cuddling Chris Hemsworth :)

'Not the sharpest tool in the shed' is another saying I found myself using yesterday, meaning the person is dumb. We also say, 'They've got a few roos (kangaroos) loose in the top paddock' which means the person is crazy.

And if you go to the pub someone might say, "It's my shout" which means they will pay.

Wow, I can't believe how many Australianisms that keep popping into my head or I realise I use. No wonder other 'English' speakers become confused when they come to Australia! A comedian I saw from America who came here, (I can't remember who it was), was laughing because he got room service in his hotel and said thanks to the hotel employee who delivered it and the employee said, "No worries, too easy". And he was totally confused and said, "Do you want me to give you something harder to do?" 🤣
And if you go to the pub someone might say, "It's my shout" which means they will pay.
Here, I will pay = “My treat.” Or “It’s on me.”

Splitting the tab equally (rather than a shared or separate tabs) = “Going Dutch.” Most restaurants have a limit of 8 equal splits or less. If you want to split a tab between more than 8 people you need individual tabs.
Mod Note:

You did it correctly - that was my bad. Sorry.

And back to the thread...!!
Hahaha! No worries (no harm done)... or no 'wuckers' as we also say in Aussie lingo (it's a quite obvious combination of the word 'worries' and 'f*cking', because we love to include swearing in anything, even if it's not necessary.... but we're also extremely lazy! So no f'ing worries turns into 'wuckers'.) 🤣

I was reminded yesterday of another foreign comedian who came to Australia to live and him saying that it took him a long time to realise that if another man (fella) was calling him 'c*nt' it meant they were mates, but if another man was calling him 'mate', it meant he was a 'c*nt'! 🤣
E.g. "What do you think you're doin', MATE?"
"Are you coming to the pub, c*nt?" 🤣

The more I write about it, the more I realise how weird we Aussies are, as is our strange adaption of English! 🤣🤣🤪
I was reminded of a story told by the late Chuck Yeager who had upset his Russian hosts at a late night dinner held in his honor, When the Vodka had been flowing for some time he tried to bow out of any further rounds by stating "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" which in America means thanks but no thanks and is a polite way to admit you are getting "drunk under the table" and have to"quit while you can'
He was mortified to learn what he had said had been translated to " the vodka is great but my steak sucked"
if you say “ that and .25 cents will get you a cup of coffee”, it means what you just said means nothing. Meaningless, irrelevant or maybe even foolish . It’s more like 10 bucks now at Starbucks but it was a quarter back then. The old people said this and I can’t think of a great example.
I don't know if it's specific to Canada but it sure comes to mind today "Colder than a witches boobs in January" and "cold enough to freeze the b*lls off a brass monkey".
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