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Working with younger parts & success stories


I've done some parts work in therapy when my therapist will invite a different part into the session. Sometimes my therapist will speak with that part, other times they've tried to help me speak between those parts (not very successfully). I don't have DID so I do have some awareness of the fragmented parts but I find it is really difficult (and frightening) to work with them.

I just wanted to hear about other people's experiences working with parts. What kind of ways does your therapist use? Is there anything others have found successful?

would love to hear of any success stories of integrating parts too
Welcoming protector parts and asking them to step aside bit on stand by if needed has been amazing for me. Getting to know where they came from and what their job is has been a game changer.
Working with the exiled part of me is the hardest but I have just gone slow and easy like befriending a wild mustang. it's been very helpful.