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OK, whatever. I think a little tolerance for the medical staff that are on the frontlines trying to triage wouldn't be inappropriate. A little co-operation isn't too much to expect.
I have tolerance. Until someone is trying to tell me that I would have to go to a hospital to have an internal pain pump filled (something medically required to be filled and if not it could kill me. Its nothing like oral meds) over a fever I didn't have when they had an alternate way to check my temp but didn't offer it until I kept insisting for about 10 - 15 mins that I had no fever. How much tolerance does one person need? It's a two way street and I'm not always the bad guy!

ETA: I just posted as an FYI since there was some chat in here about it.


How much tolerance does one person need? It's a two way street and I'm not always the bad guy!
Not saying you are. I'm saying we are living in exceptional times.

Mentally going to frustration and blame will only hurt you and make their jobs harder - and remembering that can help you manage your own stress in a frustrating situation.


talk about being on the frontline- on a resume it would read "I exposed myself to god knows what, relying on the cooperation of people that were sometimes influenced by their own politics to give me a hard time for doing my job, trying all the while to keep all of my coworkers and our customers as safe as I could with nothing but a questionnaire sign and an inaccurate temp measuring device".
Definitely qualified for a better job when they are ready to move on, in my book.

ms spock

Back in hospital with B. I rang to let them know B was having chills and fever with other symptoms. I also let the hospital know we would be wearing masks.

We were temperature tested & stickered. I explained we have been wearing masks/in lock down since February. If everyone wears a mask less medical folks get exposed and we do not catch it.

The staff were grateful that we came wearing masks.

Pretty good social distancing here.


Mentally going to frustration and blame will only hurt you and make their jobs harder
Yes! Where are the posters asking us to help the cause? I think about how the country came together during WW2, and people had ration tickets, victory gardens, chickens, and (gasp!) women worked outside the home. It was considered patriotic and people had a sense of pride. It was a pain in the ass, and more work for everyone, but everyone was helping the cause.

It could have been spun to make the population feel good about what they were doing to help keep hospital beds open. We are so divided in this, we need to help each other get through it. My pain doctor encourages his patients to store up enough for themselves. What about others? I hope we continue to support each other through this next wave, and continue to be healthy. Sending Lovingkindness to all!

ms spock

Over 1000 health care workers have died in the US, imagine how many could have been saved if everyone wore a mask when they saw a medical professional @DharmaGirl? In Taiwan and South Korea everyone wears masks. Teachers and students in schools, thought the younger children have splatter screens. In Taiwan the government gives each adult two masks per week, each child three masks per week and an app where you can see in real time where supplies of masks are in real time. Same population as Australia, no lock downs but they do have a spiffy pandemic office with all the latest technology. 530 cases with 7 deaths. They had direct flights from Wuhan, tested on inbound planes.
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i was listening to a sociologist the other day and he was talking about how the American idea of indpendence is a big part of why we are falling apart. We are taught from an early age that we can be anything we want to be, and that our personal indendence comes first, community second. This is so ingrained in us that when things like the pandemic happen we are incapable of working together because we have forgotten how.

Its like the difference in how Japan dealt with the tsunami and how we dealt with Hurricane Katrina. Japan? For weeks they lined up for water and food, they helped each other, they had a functioning government, they were calm because they were a community in crisis. Katrina? The entire city was in anarchy within 72 hours, looting, murders, the debacle of the stadium they sent people to as an evacuation point that turned into a hotbed of rape and robbery, a complete breakdown of government and society. In just 72 hours.

Don't get me wrong - we do have pockets around the country where people jump in to help -but mostly? It's one for one - not all for one.

Hopefully this event will bring us back to a place where we can realize that we can't survive without protecting each other and working together. Because this divisiveness is tearing us apart and costing way to many lives.


Dont want this to become political, but here in US, our president is pushing for herd immunity, that would kill millions. Only strong would survive. Now there has been a case of re-infection within 50 days. If it doesn't get you first time, maybe second time. I am just furious that anyone would not care about the lives already lost but the ones to come,,,,and there would be many. If he is re-elected, I am seriously thinking of moving to Canada. Too much ignorance here in US.I don't even believe the president had it....he is a pathological liar and the drs. can break HIPPA laws. Its all a sham. He is mentally ill.


pushing for herd immunity
whats the alternative?
I am seriously thinking of moving to Canada.
i hope you have a sponser, otherwise, good luck with that
also- borders are closed
also- do you seriously think anything is better here? 🤣😂
sure- if you wanna pay a hell of a lot more for groceries
if you want rent thats doubled what you pay for the same thing in almost every city in the states
do you like 6-8 months of winter?
-20°C to -40°C depending where you live
you got a job that provides benefits so you can afford your meds?
you dont mind your car windows being smashed or your tires loosened because your license plate doesn't match your province?

lets all just quit pretending Canada's the solution for the idiocy of America.
we have more than enough idiots here.

Where i live we went from 13 cases to over 100 in 3 days. we have a 103 infected per 100,000 people.
there are 0 (yup, zero) ICU beds in this community.

to give some perspective- at the "peak" of the pandemic here in May we had 13 cases max at a time- 30 some cases overall by July
85 total cases before the spike over the weekend

there are "recommended" health guidelines- nothing official. Follow them or don't- it's up to you.

We have outbreaks in disabled housing facilities and nursing homes.

kids will be out trick or treating. no worries needed. use tongs or some such bs.

again- what's the alternative to herd immunity?
natures a bitch.


Inordinate-point well taken. There are so many of us that fear another 4 yrs of this jack!$$. Not only does he want herd immunity, he wants to take our social security and medical insurance. I guess it is not better there. Its just incomprehensible that this can continue the way that it is.