You Know You Have PTSD When...


When you're talking to someone who doesn't know that you have PTSD, and they comment that the spine surgery you've had must be the most impactful thing that has happened in your life.

And in the inside, you go into a montage of your abusive relationship and then failed suicide attempt and recovery.

But on the outside you do a well rehearsed nod, smile, and "yeah" in agreement.


New Here
--- If you were ever to go on a dating site, your profile would include, "Are you tough enough for a *real* challenge?"

--- Any kind of sex just seems too much like hard work

--- Roommates complain that your nightmares wake them up... and you can't remember having any nightmares

--- Your imaginary friends don't like you
... you relate to the lyrics of a song even if it's not something you do.
[e.g. 'Whiskey' by Tejon Street Corner Thieves - "whiskey come and take my pain, numb my heart and ease my brain", but I'm allergic to alcohol so don't drink and also super don't condone alcohol or drug use as a coping mechanism.]

... you are treated as lazy or distracted when really you've been triggered and are having a mild panic attack/have dissociated. [More awkward when it's your boss.]