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    Sufferer Hi

    Welcome back! Hope we can help you with your journey to healing again.
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    Sufferer Drowning In Life This Time

    I hear your pain. I understand your pain because our history is very similar. I know you are tired and just want to disappear into nothingness. My experience with wanting things to go away seemed to make them more intense. I think you are reaching out and want to heal from all the trauma...
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    Advise Me Please - I Shared It All To Husband And I Got Nothing Back

    My experience, with my husband of 25 years, is that he does hear what I'm saying on an emotional level. His lack of an emotional response is due to his lack of understanding or relating to the "act" or the pain. He has no reference, therefore, he has an uncomfortable response. He tends to...
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    Poll Do You See An End To The Symptoms In Your Life?

    As I understand, there is no "cure" for PTSD. Having said that, how can you not have symptoms? My symptoms do seem to wain from time to time, but never truly go away completely. I agree with Anna in saying that you find ways to cope and live with.
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    Undiagnosed Half Of My Childhood Is Missing

    Went through a lot of years in therapy trying to remember my first 7 years of life. Nothing ever really came but a few body memories and parts of a really bad nightmare that were validated later. This used to consume me, and with my OCD thinking, I mean consume. My brain was always saying...
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    Depakote Er For Ptsd???

    I don't know if anyone told you, but Depakote has to build up in your blood level. They do tests from time to time to make sure you are within working limits of the drug. It will take some time to see (4-6 weeks for me) how it makes you feel. Good luck with your new psychiatrist!!
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    Depakote Er For Ptsd???

    I have taken Depakote for years with no side effects, I no longer take it because other medication combo's are controlling my mood swings. I can't imagine how I would have felt if I hadn't taken it the years I did. I currently take Seroquel, and the first time I took it, I felt like I had...
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    Becoming A Drone...and I Want To Run Away

    As one "runner" to another, I hear your need to find a place of peace and serenity. When I ran, it was because I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. I always thought that somewhere else would allow me that comfort. It never did. I ran, and there I was. I remember a time when I would...
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    Is It Time For Me To Go?

    Please don't saboutage (spelling?) what you have worked so hard on obtaining. When I feel like I am in a rut, I want to just quit. You are, and have been, working hard to make sense of where you are in your life and what you want. Get rid of all the negative people, places, and things and...
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    To The Asshole Who Runs This Site...

    Ya get what you give, bipolarbilly. What a way to help yourself by acting like a temper-tantrum baby.. You surely missed out because this place has brought me tons of peace and happiness. You loose!
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    A Great Honour In Relation To Work

    Oh my God!!!! Major promotion AND a new wardrobe? Can things get any better?? Yes! A 30% off sale at your favorite store. See, miracles (and things that are earned after much hard work) can happen. CONGRATULATIONS you nerdy money person you!!:tup:
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    Valentine's Day Celebrations 2012

    With both of us currently being unemployed, I managed to find him a warm, insulated coat (on sale for only 8.50 us dollars) in his favorite college football team colors (red and black) and a Thinsulate toboggan for $2.00. Believe it or not they are good quality and brand new. The store was...
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    Can't Sleep, Can't Concentrate- Scared Of Being Found Out

    I hear you MovingForward..I can't sleep either. I went back and read your postings so far and I think I understand the feelings and questions you're experiencing so far. What I think I hear you saying is that you want to heal, you don't understand the process of EMDR, you feel trapped in your...
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    Why I Won't Cut Myself

    Cutting was my way of "seeing" the pain leave my body. The physical way of blood (my hurt) dripping out. I no longer have to see the blood, I can write (representing the cutting) the pain down in a public manner (ie this forum) and "watch" the pain leave by those posting experiences and...
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    Observations From A Paramedic

    Thank God that our feelings and thoughts don't make up the "whole" of a person. I think experience and healing are part of who we really are in life. If you can't express yourself verbally, how can you heal internally or spiritually? In my journey to healing, I have learned a valuable gift...