ED Accountability (eating)

For sure. I am open to any thoughts people have.
I have the same problem. I take a picture of whatever I eat on my phone and keep track that way. I look at the pictures and see what my diet is missing. I've been losing 1-2 kgs (2-4 lbs) a week so I try to make really good food with plenty of good calories and lots of taste to keep me eating. I don't eat every day but aim for a good meal a day. Without the pictures I have no idea if I ate or not.
I use two things. First the What did you eat today thread. Then a few weeks a year randomly I use the My Fitness Pal app. (website is available too).

My Fitness Pal is a calorie counter and if you have a pedometer or smartwatch or whatever that tracks steps you can input your exercise as well and in addition to tracking that, you get a basic nutrition analyses and hydration tracking as well. The reason I like it is almost any food you can make buy or cook - is in the app plus - it can read bar code's as well. It helps make tracking simple and since it tracks the basics you know if you are eating right or not.
I have been eating or not eating and just trying to get on with it.
I hate thinking about it though. I hate feeling that I need to be accountable. I hate noticing how rubbish I am with food and how ridiculous it feels.

I am a grown ass woman and could do with getting a grip.
Making lunch.
Have been very resistant to watching myself do anything lately. Wanting to hide from every responsibility except cat and pup. And daughter. Been eating about 2 meals a day. I know I haven’t been restricting like I used to because I haven’t been binging and I haven’t been drinking beer, which used to take the place of meals. I think I’m eating well enough where I don’t want to watch myself anymore for a while, unless it gets bad again. I did find this thread helpful when I was using it.