Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconscious Mind : Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconsc

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Last night I remembered another dream. The second one in a little over a week. This is very unusual for me, as I rarely remember any dreams at all, and mostly feel like I just don’t dream.

In this dream I am walking through a house that I remodeled extensively 15 or 20 years ago when I was an under the table contractor. I have always had a sense of both pride and guilt about that project. Pride in the quality of the work I did, and guilt about doing it without a building permit or inspections. There were a lot of major structural changes made to the house and I was still feeling some of this guilt in the dream.

In the dream, the house has been completely remodeled again, and I wonder why the owners had redone it so soon after I did it. The work is of the highest quality I have ever seen. I am walking through the house alone looking at the new work, and seeing the shapes of the old changes I had made and feeling a sense of awe at the beauty of the new work. I remember looking in particular at the exquisite quality of the joint between a tile hearth and hardwood floor. It obviously was incredibly painstaking to achieve both the beauty and functional strength of the joint.

The fireplace was very strange and different from the one that had been in the house when I remodeled it. It had several different types of fireboxes in it, each with a different function. I was confused by it. But the main firebox was just an old fashioned fire place with a raised hearth. The face of the fireplace was in the original old brick, not overly elaborate, but very nicely done with some decorative touches, and it went two stories up to a high vaulted ceiling. The whole face from the top of the firebox to the ceiling was darkened from old smoke, the way fireplace faces can sometimes get in very old houses. I remember wondering why the people who did this latest remodel didn’t clean the bricks before they did all the rest of the work on the house. And then I thought it just looked right that the face was like that. A touch of the old with the new. Some authenticity and a recognition of the age of the house.

That’s it. I woke up after that.

Hi patrick, houses generally represent our psyche. This house was remodeled long ago so maybe you are looking back into the past and seeing how things were almost perfect. (OR) maybe you are starting to see improvements in your life now. Only you can figure this part out, because dreaming of something you did in the past becomes tricky epecially if there is good and bad in it. Since the dream wraps up with acceptance I think this is a good indication you are healing.

The guilt and pride may be an indication that you were proud of yourself back then for the way you went about constructing yourself, and the guilt probably comes from the present situation you may be in.

The fire place probably represents the strange feelings you are having or going on in your mind now. The fireboxes (I'm not sure what those are) each had a different function. So the only thing I can ask you is how many tasks are you taking on right now that has to do with your ability to function in life?

The fireplace that extends two stories high might represent your desire to extend to a higher degree either in the way you feel or act. The old smoke would represent the risidual of damage that was done to you by the trauma and you wonder why you haven't cleaned it up yet.

As a general rule we never get over or truamas and there will always be residule left from it. However, it looks like you are accepting this about yourself or coming to terms with the way your life turned out even though you suffered something/trauma.

I haven't read your trauma diary so I don't know what happened to you that brought you into the forum. If I knew what it was I might get a better read on this.

I will see if I can find your trauma diary tomorrow and look for clues. But you can ponder this interpretation until I have a chance to look at your diary.
I had a nightmare last night. I was on my knees on a couch in a home getting ready to lift the mini blinds up to look out the window. Then I noticed there was something in the room next to me and I felt threatened by it. I leaned in that direction and tried to close the door but missed the door handle.

Next thing I know an invisable entity has me in a body lock and I'm struggeling to free myself. Then it starts pinching my right breast to the point I can really feel the pain in the dream. I start screaming and my husband wakes me.

I already know what it means but if anyone wants to try and decifer this I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.
midi, it takes time to have nice dreams. Even though my dreams are rarely scary anymore, doesn't mean they are peaches and cream either.

Most people have scary or negative dreams as apposed to nice pleasant ones. Be gentle with yourself. You will get there.

I had a nightmare just last night and I wasn't stressed out (My body was fatigued). However, I'm just getting over the stomach flu that my daughter had and passed it along to me. I'm not sure if that is what caused it or not. But when I woke from the dream I had a splitting headache and every joint in my body hurt and my hands were swollen.

Maybe your dream reflects old conditioning, like people who brainwashed you into thinking abuse was ok? Does the breast pain represent sexual abuse from the past?
Hi midi, that crossed my mind because when I was raped there was an issue about it I didn't like. I believe in every one of my dreams no matter how good they are it seems I see a trauma symbol even if in the dream it doesn't bother me. So, the trauma never really leaves my mind. I've just learned not to get a negative charge every time I see a trauma symbol.

But what I believe it means is that I'm afraid to look out into the unknown (window) Pulling up the mini blinds will let the sun shine in and promote growth.

In real life: I was trapped in hypervigellence mode for over a month and just snapped out of it about two weeks ago.) There is some residual left over but it's fading fast

My ego (invisible entity) wants to keep me trapped in fear in my own head. It’s worried that I might find a way to move into understanding the unknown and not be afraid of it anymore

The breasts usually represent spiritual nourishment and if I decide to stay locked (body lock) in fear, it will harm/hurt my spiritual journey by starvation.

Not looking for knowledge to heal is spiritual starvation IMO. I have to have the courage to open the window and see what is out there and not be afraid of it.

I'm afraid of my psychic abilities and one of the reasons I believe this to be true is because when I was raped the minute the man pulled the covers off of me I had a deja vu

The thing is my abilities have saved my life. But, I'm still afraid of the unknown and I have to move past it.

Sorry about all of the typos but my computer is all messed up and I can't get mozilla firefox.
I don't think anyone brainwashed me into thinking abuse was OK. However, I can't remember who molested me?

My father did abuse his wives but he never abused his kids and he always told me never to let anyone abuse me.

So maybe that presence, that entity that had the body lock on you, represents that unknown molester?

Why does the ego like fear so much? It almost sounds masochistic.
Maybe instead of fearing your abilities, let the unknown saturate you? Like physical pain, dive into it?
I'm working on learning to overcome those fears but it doesn't happen over night. I have other things to work on too so I work on them as they come up.

The entity could represent the unknown child molester or my psychic abilities. Dreams often times have more than one meaning so it may be both or a combination of things. The reason I feel it's about the psychic abilities is because that is what has been on my mind lately and not the molestation.

The ego likes fear because it keeps our mind in it's control. Our ego is based on fear, and every negative feeling/emotions that we have derives from fear. If we start to overcome fear then our ego feels threatened and will do what ever it takes to remain in control.

Have you read the book "The Power of Now"? That book will explain why our ego keeps us locked in fear.

We have duality in our persona, which is both good and bad. Our ego (mind) is made up of pride, greed, control and fear. Our being/soul is different and is made of love and compassion. So basically our mind/ego is always fighting with our soul for control.

Seeking Nirvana,

I believe you have a level head and all the skills to overcome the fears. You are so right, it does take time. You will do it!
Ok, here are a couple more dreams...

Context for # 1 : It's my plan to move across the pond when I recover.

Dream # 1 : I dreamed about Dr. Ex and his mother. I was flying to Ireland to meet them there for the Xmas holidays.

Question: Why would I dream about meeting the Ex? I haven't seen him in years.

Dream # 2 : I dreamed that I was at the old farm house I grew up in (man, that house gives me the creeps, and for good reason). Anyway.... My mother and father showed up. My mother was talking out of one side of her mouth, as if she'd had a stroke or something. She wanted to go see a movie. My father wanted me to make sure my bedroom was presentable to strangers.

Context and question for # 2: I have only talked to my father a couple times in what is going on nearly 5 years and I don't talk to my mother because she is good buddies with the wife beater biopop of my son. So, what might this dream mean?
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