Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconscious Mind : Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconsc

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Me too, I really hate this dream and was bummed when it started coming back.
Thank you very much for your insights.
I have many, many dreams as I seem to have a very active mind when I am sleeping (damn it!!!) I will post more. I'm always trying to figure out what the heck they all mean.

As time passes, I dream less and less of Dr. Ex, which is a relief. A couple days ago I had one though...

I was on the computer and Dr. Ex's Face**** popped up (kinda like those porn ads once you've got a virus). In his picture, he had a brown suit on and was seductively leaning back on some table. He was a bit heavier than when we were together. His relationship status said 'engaged' so he was getting married. Then his face**** profile vanished. For some reason, I ended up at his wedding reception. His friends were happy to see me, so they hung around me all night and ignored his bride.

/end dream

I've only seen his face**** once/twice and it was over a year ago. I haven't seen it since. It's also been over a year since I've run into anybody I knew through him (ie friends, family, whatever)... so, any idea what the dream is about?

Here's another one! I dreamt that I was in high school again. I was in the hallway, at my locker. I realized that I had math that semester but forgot to go to the class. The final exam was coming up and since I'd forgotten about class, I had to take it over in summer school.

Any clues?
Going back to school represents a lesson you didn't learn or need to learn. High school teenagers are in a transitional phase and are becoming independent and trying to find their own identity, so there may be an issue of independence/identity that needs dealt with. Hallways are phases of transition too so that reiterates the above paragraph.

The final exam seems to indicate something that is coming to an end in your life, but you are subconsciously holding onto it by not going to class. Ah, another pun. You don't want to believe you have "class" (or forgotten that you have class) and think you need to do something about it by doing extra work (summer school) Nope! You have class and summer school isn't needed so kick up your legs and enjoy the rest of this summer.

Your dreams are getting better!
Here's another one. I dreamt that Jimi Hendrix was still alive. He was much older and hanging in some sort of museum. He came to me to talk. I don't remember what he said.
I would think that Jimi Hendrix is your animus at the moment. He is alive in you and wants to express himself but doesn't know how because its been a long time and your more mature (museum) since you've expressed yourself in this way.
Here's an interesting one. I dreamt about a friend named Lisa. I was living in a huge apartment and half of it was for my work. There was spilled milk on the carpet.

Lisa's Ex was with her. He wanted to smoke a j with me, so I pulled out a container full of js. He said no, he wanted to smoke a blunt he brought over. He pulled it out and MJ seeds spilled everywhere.

Then Lisa talked about how she was in a head-on collision and she was trying to deal with it. She didn't know what to do. She was in shock. She had PTSD.

I turned on the computer and tried to look for info on how to deal with PTSD symptoms but all the websites I found were full of non-relevant stuff. It was frustrating.

Then Lisa's ex said they had to get going because he was going to an Ivy League university. I asked him how long his program was and he said 8 years, if he finishes. So they gathered their stuff and off they went.
Hey midi, I'm giving up dream interpretation for awhile until I get things straight. The only thing I can say is that you probably slipped up and did something that was a habit at one time. Not necessarily the joint, but some people, such as myself, are addicted to chocolate, and I can over indulge in chocolate and then have a dream about doing drugs. It's all the same.....(habits we want to break or we see them as bad).

The spilled milk is probably in reference to the idiom "Don't cry over spilled milk" So don't beat yourself up over doing something you have over come (which could be related to a symptom of PTSD and communication). It's only a slight set back and you will bounce back to that Ivy League feeling soon.

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