Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconscious Mind : Analyzing Dreams and Uncovering the Subconsc

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So balance and patience, right? He was totally unfazed because he knew she had to go through it - just like I know I have to go through the next few months... Makes sense!
Hi midi, I can't speak in absolutes especially when it's not my dream. If the dream is about balancing the feminine and masculine traits within yourself, then you would have to think with the right side of your brain instead of the left side for a day or two and that should balance it out. I'm not certain patience has anything to do with the right side or left side of the brain. Patience is a characteristic either you posses or you don't.

The man isn't fazed so that shows that the left side of your brain is in "I feel confident" mode because that side is in charge right now. It will carry the feminine side (emotional) while she is getting healthier.

Our moods fluctuate from day to day depending on who throws shit our way, so it's difficult to keep balance in every part of our lives. One week one can be using mainly the right side of their brain to think with and the next week they could use the left.

I sense you are extremely angry about something. Actually, I can feel it. Are you OK? Do you need someone to talk to? The right side of our brain is the feminine part, the intuitive, talkative, emotional side of us that uses our imagination to be creative.

If this dream is about balance then you should talk about it. I'm all ears.

Take care
I had a creepy dream. I was standing by a doorway entrance and behind me were tables that looked as if it was a fancy restaurant. Then from my minds eye I see my hair flying up-ward and then my dress does too, like I'm getting ready to float into the air.

All the sudden I felt this strong sensation like someone was trying to take me and I resisted and started fighting this invisible entity. Luckily my husband was awake and heard me yelling and woke me.

About two months ago I had a similar dream where this invisible entity attacked me as I was sitting on the couch. I was fighting it and it had me in a damn choke hold. I think it's my mom's spirit because she hung herself and choked to death. I have a lot of dreams of choking and fire.

I stopped having nightmares about 2 years ago, but as soon as I remembered that my mom practiced black magic I started having dreams of dark forces trying to abduct me. They never do because I'm filled with the Holly Spirit and they have no power of me. But it really sucks that remembering my mom is bringing back bad memories. I should have kept her blocked out of my thinking.

Anger... hmm... issues... I've just now read your post, so I'll think on what you said and then pm you about it, ok?


Wow, I didn't know your mom passed that way. Was she part of your abuse, like did she deny you were sexually abused?

I wonder what the fancy restaurant was about. Is it connected in some way to somebody who did something?

It's great that your husband was there to wake you. The nightmares that leave you screaming in your sleep are often traumatic in themselves.
I don't think my mom did anything abusive to any of us. I never had the chance to ask her if I was abused, and only have vague body memories with dreams.

The one memory I have was about her catching some guy doing something to me? and someone took me away and was comforting me because there was a big fight that broke out over him getting caught. It's real vague and I can't even confirm if was a real memory.

I'm not sure about the fancy restaurant but I felt I was in astral travel when I had that dream. Usually astral travel doesn't have many visuals and this one didn't.

I had another nightmare last night and I woke up choking. I don't know what to think about all these bad dreams and nightmares surfacing again. I went two years without having bad dreams and now they are popping up again. BUT, these dreams are no where near as bad as the ones I used to have, and the themes are way different.

I doubt it's my mom's spirit. I'm just trying to face the whole issue of her death because I never did look into it much. I think our dreams are a reflection of our state of mind and she has been on my mind lately.

I thought I'd branch out a little, I've started trying to talk to people more on here and finally add some things to my profile and join a few groups (seems simple, but it's pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit). I have a HUGE interest in dream analysis (I have primarily a psychoanalytic stance on it), and get some pretty strange dreams myself that I have just started keeping track of in a dream journal I sort of started up for myself, but think I'm going to start posting them on here, so I can see what others think about them as well. Lately my dreams have been pretty vivid nightmares that I'm not too fond of talking about right before I go to bed (which will be soon tonight hopefully!). I am trying to spray some lavendar on my pillow tonight to see if that helps. My grandpa used to always do that for me when I was a kid, and told me it'd help keep the bad dreams away because they didn't like the smell. It's stupid, but it actually worked! He'd also make me dreamcatchers and always have one above or at least near my bed for me too, so after he died, I got a dreamcatcher tattooed on my forearm in remembrance of him. Hopefully with those two things in mind, I'll be able to get a bit of peaceful sleep with pleasant dreams tonight.
Welcome trapped feel free to post here and if you don't feel comfortable with posting here you can PM me, as some of the other members do because of the dream content.

Thanks Tammy. I may be PMing you some of my dream content, just because I am really cautious with worrying that it could trigger others. I don't want to say anything that could trigger you either, so I'll be sure not to share bad nightmares or anything. Lately I haven't been getting much, if any, sleep, because the stress and anxiety is so high that every hour on the hour I have to get up and check the house- turn on all the lights, check all closets and make sure no one is hiding, do rounds of the house basically, make sure all windows and doors are locked, make sure the stove is unlocked and small electrical appliances like the toaster are unplugged, etc... so haven't been having many dreams that I can remember or have written down. I have had some fairly interesting ones in the not too distant past, as soon as I find the dream journal I scribbled them down in, I will type some of them out and post them on this general part of the board as the content isn't that bad, almost funny in some cases. Most of the meanings I've figured out, but always enjoy someone else's view, as sometimes I miss things. I'll stay away from sharing details of my vivid nightmares for now though, since many are quite graphic and vivid, and I don't want anyone including you to feel uncomfortable.

I did have a bizzare dream last night, that I vaugely remember details of. Maybe it was two dreams, though it really seemed like they were connected... the first part of the dream had to do with a petty officer in the Navy that I was always on good terms with shipping off to go on tour. I felt really sad about her going on tour and leaving, and she told me this right before she was leaving, like just a day or somethinig before. I haven't spoken to her in a while, but have been thinking about her lately. Have also been preparing to go in to a residential treatment center myself, and that may have something to do with it also.... somehow it transitioned to me being in session with my therapist. The session was one that was taking place last Friday. I never saw her last Friday though. She said at the end of the session she wanted me to come on Tuesday, and if I couldn't do that then she couldn't see me at all anymore- and that pissed me off because she knew that I was taking a final on that Tuesday, and in the session in my dream we had talked about how I could only come on Fridays anyway, since this 2 to 3 times a week of seeing her, plus the same amount of seeing my doctor, was getting too expensive for me. And then she started acting passive-agressive in some ways, like my mom used to be, and then somehow I ended up going to Boston- one of the few places in the country that feels safe for me to be, where I feel like I can just be accepted and be myself. A really strong feeling that stood out during the therapy part of the dream was feeling like a little child, and also feeling rejected. A strong feeling that stood out during the Navy part of the dream, was feeling like there was a piece of me missing. A really specific piece too, like if I were to be a human jigsaw puzzle, it would have been a piece up near my chest area, not necessarily my heart per say, but around that area... that part was sort of strange.

I feel like there is some symbolism in the dreams, that I'll post more about after I hear your feedback... I don't think all dreams have hidden meaning, a lot may but certainly not all, but before I give too many details of the dreams and my experience of it, I wanted to see what you think.
I think I posted this in the wrong spot so I moved it here.

I used to have this one often. It went away for awhile but now, it's back
Someone is standing by the side or foot of my bed. I know I need to wake up to defend myself but I can't so I begin to panic. I want to open my eyes but they won't open. I feel like I'm awake but I can't move. I used to have this one alot, then it went away. I have in the past awoken with bruised eyelids. I believe from trying to open my eyes while I slept. Now, I don't think I'm trying to pry my eyes open, just laying there trying to convince myself to wake up.
The feeling I am having inthis dream is a mixture of sheer panic and total frustration for not being able to make myself wake up. It is exhuasting.


Jilly B
This one I had just a couple nights ago,
I am sitting up on the side of a mountain looking down. The downhill slope is all tall wheat colored grass. I can see Wolves coming from all directions and I'm watching them thinking that I wouldn't be able to see them if I was standing level with them.
I look, and there is my Cat Mr. Kitty. He's running and I'm yelling at him to run. He's running and zig zagging but one of the wolves grabs him by the back of the neck and kills him. I stand there feeling so angry and overwhelmingly grief stricken.
...and here's another one, when you have time, Tammy...

I dreamt about my old piano teacher. I haven't seen her in over 10 years. Nothing triggered dreaming about her.

I came to her house and she showed me a piece of music sitting on her piano. She said it was mine and that I'd left it there a year ago. Now, she said, it's time that I take it. So, I did.

Any suggestions?
Hi Jilly, When ever I have a sleep paralysis it has always scared the crap out of me except for one time. I think our mind sends a message to our bodies that it is under attack, which causes fears and hallucinations.

I took Trazadone and had a horrible experience with feeling like someone was holding me down and it turned into Jesus (which that should make me feel better LOL, but it didn't) and because the sleep aid is so powerful I could not wake up and had to give up and go back to sleep.

Another one I had problems with is a natural sleep aid called Meletonin. Both times I took it I felt as if someone was holding me down, but I was able to wake up.

I have another thought about the dream. Maybe you see yourself as a bad person (dark shadow) and you punish yourself by causing sleep paralysis? Our abused minds can really play tricks on us and create all types of inner turmoil.

Every person is different so I hope you can figure this all out.
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