Are There Any Emotions That You Cannot Handle, Or Struggle With?


I mostly can't do anger and rage is impossible. Rage equals hurting the body. It just comes out that way and then I'm guilt and ashamed at best or dissociated. I just ... rage is bad in my mind. And anger, isn't bad but isn't an emotion I'm allowed. Other people can get angry but I shouldn't. And I realize there's probably flaws in my logic. I still remember the time I was a kid and my parents and brother were all yelling at each other and I was sitting there and promised myself I wouldn't be like that. Check. I often feel inadequate when I am edging towards anger. Clearly I'm doing something wrong if a situation is angry making. huh

I'm trying to think of what I'm feeling when I call myself lazy. I beat myself up for being lazy and logically I can sort of accept I'm not and that this is my go to when I'm not functioning well and not getting stuff done. But what the feeling is I'm avoiding. Right now I can't tell you


Fear. I cannot handle fear. It is too much and I just go away.
Anger. I simply do not feel anger. A different part of me does.
Sadness: I can feel sad to an extent but I generally shut down if I'm at the verge of crying.

I understand there is a continuum for every emotion so even though I do not feel anger, I can feel frustrated or annoyed.

I can feel joy and enjoy it now. Feeling hopeful and trying to see the positive in most things and/or people has been helpful. My kids have helped me experiment positive emotions and look forward to them.