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Quick sketch from a zoom thing
Nice drawing. However this lady seems a little sad, lethargic and disengaged from her environment, as if to suggest that her environment is the chair. The chair seems to have a strong presence while she seems to be feeling insecure, as if she is only half presence. It seems like she doesn’t feel welcome there at all, if not invited enough to sit back in this chair - even though it appears to be quite capable of supporting her.

There is a very huge and obvious gap of empty space between them while she sits uncomfortably on the outer edge of the chair, knowing full well that, she shouldn’t lean back. It seems as though, the chair doesn’t recognize itself as being a supportive element. The chair’s seat is too small, if contracted, much like the chair’s empty arms.
Is pretty normal for me, but I don't know what your post means @Friday
No big deal tho 🙃
The human body doesn’t do that pose. It’s 2 poses in 1. Half in 1 pose, half in another. Completely accurate in each. But not in any of the transition points between the 2. And not with each other. So it evokes the dissonance between what is expected to be seen, and what is actually seen. It’s a cool sketch.
Here's a few of my recent drawings and a small painting I done. I'm learning to silence my inner critic. I have always been too hard on myself about my drawings and realised it has prevented me from doing this hobby that I used to absolutely love. I'm pleased with my progress.


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