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Wait wait wait

Are you seriously telling me that Americans have found a way to put *cheese* in a spray can?
Why yes, yes we do!

What can I say - it's American Ingenuity 😄 😄 😄

Easy Cheese!

And yep - I grew up with this stuff sprayed onto celery sticks, especially at Thanksgiving. We also did the cheese and ritz cracker thing for snacks.

Cant stand the stuff now - but the nieces and nephews love it LOL
what really astonished them was our famous spray cheese
I was staying in Italy many years ago. The guy I was staying with had friends over and they were arguing in the usual Italian way. And my friend paused and turned to me and said, “Tell me if it’s true that in America you have butter spray?” That’s what they were arguing about! And I had to tell them yea, except it’s fake butter!
sprayed onto celery sticks, especially at Thanksgiving
I didn’t realize this was a Thanksgiving thing until I went to a college friend’s family Thanksgiving. Also black olives. Side note, celery was considered exotic about a hundred years ago and there were special “celery vases” for displaying it on the table. I believe the Thanksgiving celery is a descendent of that but not sure when the EZ-Cheez got added, my guess would be in the 70s when food at dinner parties took an astonishing turn.
To file under the You Eat What?! posts....

May I introduce ....

ambrosia salad!

yep - it really does come with (usually canned) pineapple, oranges and maraschino cherries, marshmallows, oranges, coconut, cool whip and sour cream, and maybe pudding if you want it super sweet

There's a bunch of variations but this is the one I grew up with. 😁
and maybe pudding if you want it super sweet
Marshmallow fluff.

Cool whip, sour cream, & marshmallow fluff!

(My gran would always soak the tinned fruit in grand marnier or Cointreau, but my GREAT grandmother tinned/canned each of the fresh fruits in alcohol over the summer, for a crazy boozy dessert in winter. Marichino liqueur for the cherries, orange liquor for the mandarins, brandy for the pears, etc. SHE proclaimed all the fluffy dairy was just so one didn’t feel like a lush getting drunk eating fruit straight out of the jar, and it softened the hangover the next day …her opinion changed in her 90’s when whoosh-cream was invented. She was often known to just eat boozy fruit and whoosh RediWhip straight into her mouth. Not an alcoholic, just also not planning 6mo in advance, anymore. And, like all of us, who doesn’t adore that sound?)
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