Back Surgery and needing help


The more I think about it, the more I expect that insurance will deny another steroid injection. So, that might change my plan a bit.

Questions for my doctor

Why do you recommend fusion over something like a discectomy?
Since you've recommended spinal fusion, does this mean my spine is unstable
I've read that fusions are less successful if you can't pinpoint the source of my pain, do you feel confident that we have?
The MRI seems to mention several places where spine touches the nerve. What's the likelihood the other areas where the nerve root is touching will become a problem for me?
I've read spinal fusion involves a bone graft. How will this be done?


How do you activate / turn on these services, @Freddyt? I would love to use this feature as I can't remember sh!t.
Android 12, Recorder app. (a standard app in Android 12) There are options for voice and for transcription. When you open the app it will ask to set preferences. After that the home screen has two icons, record at the centre on the bottom and settings on the top right.

As you make each recording it shows options to play back or view the transcription.


I swear to God this process is going to break me.
my unregulated response is to say maybe I should just accept I'm meant to live like this. I should just stop trying to get my back fixed
stop whining
just be fine
I know that's me being unregulated.
I know I should keep making phone calls and try to deal with this
but I'm not sure I can deal
whine whine whine
hate myself right now


Thank you @Freddyt I really appreciate all the support you've given. I did manage to make a few more calls.

So after the really crappy experience my last steroid injection, I told my doctor I wanted to see someone else. Which is a step for me instead of just accepting the orignal referral

I've waited 10 days just to schedule the appointment because it took them that long to process the referral, which took most of the time, and then get approval from insurance. So today they offered me the first appointment available. May 11th. And since the injection is, largely, diagnostic I would have two more weeks before seeing my surgeon because that's how long it can take to work. And then the wait for insurance to approve and then the wait to get the surgery

So I called my surgeon and had them send the referral to the first place. They can get me in on Monday. That doctor is flat out triggering. I don't want to go back to him. And I don't want to give him my money because he treats his employees terribly and buy paying him I'm supporting that shit. But I am also desperate. So I made the appointment.

I still need to call insurance tomorrow and make sure the approval is still good even though I'm going to a different place. And then call the surgeon and schedule my follow up.

Blah. It just a lot and my back hasn't been good and I'm whining


Been having a lot of doubts about if fusion is the right surgery.
I had back problems since 2009. It was a nightmare. I had a laminectomy/discectomy twice with only a few months of relief. I was told I needed a fusion but I didn't want it since I had heard some bad things about it. Fast forward to 2020. I moved and got a new pain doc who ordered a new MRI which showed instability but also showed stenosis. I was in so much pain I agreed to the fusion. It was a hard surgery but after about 4 days the really bad pain went away. Around 4 months later - no pain. None. I went off all pain meds in Feb of 2021, and haven't needed any since. I breed chickens so I do a lot of lifting and hard work on the homestead. I wish I had gotten the fusion years ago.

I'm starting to have some back pain again, but as I said, I have stenosis so I might have to have that cleaned out again. I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide and hope you have relief from pain.


I had the appointment with my surgeon today. I agreed to the spinal fusion. I don't know why, but I feel like melting down. Like now it's a reality. At the same time, the surgery isn't scheduled because I need insurance approval. And so I can't plan anything.

And honestly, fusion scare the wits out of me. And I think it's just because it's a big surgery. And staying at the hospital leaves me panicked for no good reason.

And I feel like I should be more positive. The nerve block worked, though it's wearing off. So we know for sure what it is. And we can finally start moving forward.

But I just want to sit down and cry. And I don't even know why

I do a lot of lifting and hard work on the homestead. I wish I had gotten the fusion years ago.

Thank you for this. That's hopeful