Being scared in certain situations outside

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The only self defence I've been able to find us kickboxing and krav magra. Both are a bit intense sounding.

Perhaps when I've gained some basic fitness I'll have a look again.
They are.
Heehee, I reckon being an ex military bod you might know what to do with a stick, I'm not sure I'd be very good with it..

Whilst the military taught me SOME skills to kill a man…

…my grandfather took me on walks. We climbed trees. We ran through grasses. We hit things with sticks. Me, myself? Saplings, dandelions, daaaaangerous looking bits of fluff & nonsense. He always had me move behind him I a stray dog came up. Or a bear. (And ready to run). Or a man. Which got hellos and smiles 100/100. Even if he kept his eye on them. Diffused the situation. (On my honeymoon? Someone attempted to mug us in an alley. You know what skill I used? No martial arts, no military training, I just smiled & greeted him like an old friend, and asked how his night was going, and offered him a cigarette, and introduced him to my husband. Grandfather skills. Not MIGHT. Diffused that situation.)

To hit a THING with a stick? Is no more challenging than baseball. Tennis. Golf. Swing batta’ batta’. ‘Fore! Umpteen gazillion children -and rather a lot of old men- do it day in an day out. Are there martial arts using only sticks (aikido, single stick, etc.)? Sure. What skills do you really NEED to swing a stick? Arms. You got arms? You’re good. Everything else is extra.

How many times have you used Bo skills (martial art using baton whirling in the Japanese style) in the past year? None? Most likely. How many badass stick wielding skills will you need next year? None, most likely. Whether it’s a rolling pin, a frying Pan, or a stick? You will almost never need advanced training in it. It’s a stick. Or a weighted skull cracking thumpy-thump. Not rocket science. Not even a knife. Swing and poke are it’s only options. Everything fancy? Is just extra.

You’re in the UK, so a blackthorn stick shouldn’t be hard to source. Get 2, so you’re not worried about “ruining” one… and hit things with it. Tall grass, saplings, fence posts… just like a child up to a bit’o’mischief. Twirl it about like a girl twilrling a baton in a musical. Get a feel for it. That’s all you really need. You’re not looking to kill a man, fast. You’re looking to THUMP him, and run… should the need arise. Hasn’t happened yet, and unlikely to happen. So it’s just getting comfy with it. Get those dandelions. And grin. And know ….you? Can go anywhere.
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I'll think about it. Though I can't run currently. And I wonder about someone easily removing the stick from me and hitting me with it.

If / when I get to the stage where I can walk for some miles in the country, I might like a ... forget what they're called, a staff? Not a walking stick so much as a wooden hiking pole.

Reckon my first step might be repeatedly going at least a little way down that lane / similar such lanes. I'd love to walk in the forest, but thats a future step maybe.

Or maybe I could find a walking group when I'm fitter.
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