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Sexual Assault Can pedophiles become non-pedophiles?

Expressing anger outwardly doesn't equal raping children.
For sure. You could set them on fire, Instead. Or deploy a bomb. Both of which are extremely common in grief-given exploits. As both bombers & suicde bombers are typically people experiencing profound grief.

Making it MORE personal, is relatively rare. If we’re going by stats. But? Still happen.

Beat up a pillow. Beat up your romantic parter? Stupid common. FAR more common than blowing up, or raping, kids.
The day I was able to say I'm angry, instead of hurting myself, was a very good day for me.
So… imagine people are telling others that the way to control their anger, is self harm. Just a little cut. A little pinch. A slap. A scrape. That’s what teaching people to hit indiscriminately (pillows, etc.) when they’re angry does. It DOES feel better. And? When in crisis? Is exactly what they’ve been training themselves to do. Lash out, or self harm. In BOTH instances? The answer is learning self control.
They might actually be angry but they don’t express it outwardly,
The big difference is between learning to express healthy anger, and learning to express aggression. Being able to verbalize that you are angry, to engage with anger, is an important skill for every human being, you're right. But, training yourself to hit in response to anger, is just reinforcing the pathway between anger and outward aggression.

Expressing anger outwardly doesn't equal raping children.
I think Friday is just saying that it (expressing anger via hitting, not expressing it outwardly at all - I actually take your point as in favor to me and Friday, being - you can absolutely say you're angry! That's a helpful response to anger for sure) is an unhelpful impetus. It's not as unhelpful as raping kids, lol. But it is unhelpful.
Yeah we are talking about different things. I'm talking about expressing anger by for example saying I'm angry.

I already am of the opinion that teaching people to get anger out by hitting things is not helpful for anyone.

For me way I like to deal with anger was something I learned through meditation. It isn't controlling anger at all. It's just feeling it, without acting on it. So, not controlling it, but experiencing it, and it will pass when it's ready.
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In therapy I learned that trauma survivors often re create the experience. I have at different times thought my whole life was a sort of re living it. I have a mechanistic view. We are all programmed to a certain extent . Maybe the robots will be less encumbered. No one really knows how it works. All we can do is try and interpret the statistics. Then there are larger issues .