Can we talk about isolation?

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I oscillate between wanting to be left alone and being desperate for socialization. When I want to be left alone, I like to read a book or listen to music or even just lay in bed curled up with my pets. When I want to socialize, I am willing to go to almost any social function and am willing to do anything to be able to communicate with other people. Like others, I constantly crave the gentle physical touch of another human being. It helps make me feel more connected to the world. I also am the type to question if someone loves me if they're not constantly reminding me they love me and showing it through affection.

I can never figure out exactly why I need to isolate. That alone overloads me and makes me foggy, exhausted and irritable. It is like what G-Herc said, where every single 'thing', person, event, noise or stimuation is just too dam much and you quite literally cannot force yourself to take one more moment. The only thing to do is to completely isolate, experience NOTHING, and allow the re-grouping, I guess.

At least he can verbalize what's going on for you, so you know it quite seriously is not YOU he is avoiding. It must be hard, however, not to be hurt by this and feel somehow excluded.

Sorry to post so late in the thread. This was me just last night, and am still a tad reactive so thought to let you know he is just doing what he has to at the moment.

Take Care,

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