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Core Beliefs & Counters

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Avoiding food (and making poor choices when I do consume something) is going to cause me to get painfully sick and die earlier than if I organize my eating.

That is black and white thinking as well as future tripping.

The lie I tell myself is that I can’t improve. But I feel overwhelmed with where to begin—mostly because I’m laid up in bed in pain, thinking about how I got here, and crying. Thank God for my cat and this forum.
I have had the sense of foreshortened future for years. I agree with Friday, can't buy into it and not pay your bills and live like its real. After more than a decade of feeling this, the copd has gotten really bad. Along with a lot of pain, each day seems worse than the last. I have trouble making any sort of plans in the future....even a lunch date next week, because I might not be up to it.

Finally at a point in life where financial struggles are less, I have little physical ability to do the things I wish I could do. Feeling more safe in my environment, I haven't the ability to do things I want to do either.

Im convinced my dr is missing something as to why I am totally exhausted and in pain. Then I argue with myself. I feel like I am going crazy.
I’ve been meaning to write down a collection of my Core Beliefs for awhile now, but they still remain scattered across many threads (or let’s pretend this never happened :whistling: forgotten about almost as soon as I become aware of it; until the next time I run face first into it, and forget just as quickly all over again).

So I thought, if I’m having this problem perhaps others are, too... & having a place where one can jot down Core Beliefs they’re struggling with, or become aware of, might be useful.

If you have a Counter? Exceptions, toe and finger holds, something you use to work around &/or start shifting a Core Belief? Toss that on up here, too :sneaky:

' I am dark.'

Not always.

'People can see that I'm weird'

I can't read other people's minds.

' I don't stand up for what is right'

It's hard to speak up sometimes especially when it's someone I know.

' You matter, not me'

We both do but I'm responsible for me.

'I don't love my children'

I try to.
The things I care about get taken care of, the things I don’t care about suffer for it. Therefore, if I am not taken care of it is because my caretaker doesn’t care about me.

Not sure I have a counter for this. Situationally yes, but
over long periods of time, I think the logic is sound.
Who is your caretaker?
My life partner, my wife. I catch the lions share but she gets what she can, intermittently and without much concern if it gets done or not. Wish there were holes in the logic and a counter but I am getting to a conclusion here I think.
1. worthless piece of shit
2. weak
3. unloveable
1. Your interest in using 'accurate definitions and labels', leading to your concerns about diluting the definition of ptsd (i.e., contributing to the loosening of criteria) by acknowledging you were diagnosed, apparently doesn't pop up here? That's interesting...frankly, it should because let's be real, worthless piece of shits are by definition fairly terrible... as in, pretty damn harmful humans. Putting yourself in that category dilutes the definition. That's it. NEXT.
2. idk, you didn't use to be weak?? I'm not sure about this one yet.
3. Before you accept that you're unloveable, check to see if you're dissociated or experiencing a high volume of shame for some reason.
Because of body shaming, and long-term abuse traumas, I grew up with the belief that....."I am undesirable." (and I blamed myself).

My life experience taught me that some ladies find me desirable and some don't. And thankfully, I only have to please the one I'm with. So I change my belief to include the affirmation that, ... "I am a desirable man even if some don't think so"
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