Core Beliefs & Counters


Avoiding food (and making poor choices when I do consume something) is going to cause me to get painfully sick and die earlier than if I organize my eating.

That is black and white thinking as well as future tripping.

The lie I tell myself is that I can’t improve. But I feel overwhelmed with where to begin—mostly because I’m laid up in bed in pain, thinking about how I got here, and crying. Thank God for my cat and this forum.


I have had the sense of foreshortened future for years. I agree with Friday, can't buy into it and not pay your bills and live like its real. After more than a decade of feeling this, the copd has gotten really bad. Along with a lot of pain, each day seems worse than the last. I have trouble making any sort of plans in the future....even a lunch date next week, because I might not be up to it.

Finally at a point in life where financial struggles are less, I have little physical ability to do the things I wish I could do. Feeling more safe in my environment, I haven't the ability to do things I want to do either.

Im convinced my dr is missing something as to why I am totally exhausted and in pain. Then I argue with myself. I feel like I am going crazy.


New Here
I’ve been meaning to write down a collection of my Core Beliefs for awhile now, but they still remain scattered across many threads (or let’s pretend this never happened :whistling: forgotten about almost as soon as I become aware of it; until the next time I run face first into it, and forget just as quickly all over again).

So I thought, if I’m having this problem perhaps others are, too... & having a place where one can jot down Core Beliefs they’re struggling with, or become aware of, might be useful.

If you have a Counter? Exceptions, toe and finger holds, something you use to work around &/or start shifting a Core Belief? Toss that on up here, too :sneaky:

' I am dark.'

Not always.

'People can see that I'm weird'

I can't read other people's minds.

' I don't stand up for what is right'

It's hard to speak up sometimes especially when it's someone I know.

' You matter, not me'

We both do but I'm responsible for me.

'I don't love my children'

I try to.


The things I care about get taken care of, the things I don’t care about suffer for it. Therefore, if I am not taken care of it is because my caretaker doesn’t care about me.

Not sure I have a counter for this. Situationally yes, but
over long periods of time, I think the logic is sound.